2008 Saturn in Virgo and Jupiter in Capricorn

2008 marks the first full year of Saturn in Virgo since 1979 and Jupiter travels through Capricorn the entirety of 2008, for the first time in 12 years. Amazingly, a trine relationship illuminates the entire year. There will be three exact trines:

  • Jan.21 ,2008 Jupiter 8 Capricorn and Saturn 8 Virgo
  • Sept.8, 2008 Jupiter 13Capricorn and Saturn 13 Virgo
  • Nov.21,2008 Jupiter 21Capricorn and Saturn 21 Virgo

What does this relationship intend?

Jupiter always expands what it contacts and this year global humanities “attention” is directed towards Capricorn. (This also intensifies the much rarer alignment of Pluto with the sign of Capricorn). Capricorn is not what we have thought it to be! Throughout the last 3000 years, this sign has been usurped by heirarchical patriarchy. Who doesn’t automatically think of Capricorn (and Saturn) as ‘father’, duty, responsibility, guilt, shame, and the deficiencies associated with the hoax of the ‘original sin’ doctrine.

A far different view contends that Capricorn actually symbolizes the “Circle of Grandmothers”, the most salient feature of the Iroquois Confederacy and the views of other Earth peoples. This understanding, placing the circle of grandmothers as the highest authority, was conveniently ignored by the American Articles of Confederation and our founding ‘Fathers’. In other words, Capricorn actually instructs that the final authority in a culture is the elder expression of the feminine.

If Saturn symbolizes an ‘operating manual’ or practical 3D laws and limits, then its movement through Virgo offers really similar insights. Virgo represents the Earth Mother, the “Virgin Priestess”, the inscrutable integrity of our planet we call Gaia, our Mother. The cosmic instructions from “Great Mystery”, by way of Astrology, suggest that Mother Earth in resonance with the circle of grandmothers are the only reliable authority at this great Turning Point for global humanity.

The supportive and compatible trine of Jupiter and Saturn provides a hopeful template for realigning our culture to be surrendered to, and in accords with the circle of grandmothers and the health of our planet. Then, the mysteries of Virgo and Capricorn work together for the wellbeing of the generations to follow. Our survival may depend on this revision and realignment of our understanding of Virgo and Capricorn.

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