About The Turning of the Ages Mystery School

We acknowledge the Ancient Ones, the Greater Shamanic Council of Light, the Merlin, the Magi, and all those who knew, like now, that it was a Turning of the Ages.

Turning of the Ages Mystery School is dedicated to helping global humanity achieve its highest purpose through astrology, cosmology, ceremony, and spirituality.

What is the Turning of the Ages?

The phrase, “Turning of the Ages,” was originally coined by our school’s founder, Daniel Giamario, in the 1980’s and refers to a specific alignment in the night sky that marks a major shift in one of the longest cycles known to mankind. Astrologically, it indicates a great turning point for global humanity, and it is happening NOW.

The purpose of TOTAMS is to offer valuable knowledge for understanding the times we are in, as well as appropriate and practical tools for navigating these times.

TOTAMS uses and teaches a completely unique astrological paradigm, first sourced by Daniel Giamario.

The TOTAMS paradigm is a simple, yet highly effective approach to astrological chart interpretation that is geared towards helping individuals and the world as a whole align with their original, soul-level intent. It includes mythic, psychological, and spiritual elements inspired by numerous global traditions, synthesizing together the most important and applicable ingredients for assisting in the evolution of contemporary global humanity.

The system is a fluidly evolving body of knowledge that has as its foundation several key features that are completely distinct from traditional astrology.

These include:

  • Seeing the chart as an outline of original intent that offers clues to the nature of the soul’s journey, rather than as a means for making predictions.
  • A completely non-judgemental, non-hierarchical approach where there is no “wrong” chart or “bad” planet and that we are each WAY more than our Sun sign. So called “hard aspects” are instead seen as major life initiations designed to further propel one towards their life purpose.
  • Great emphasis is placed on the visible sky so that astronomical cycles and timings can be worked with ceremonially in much the same way as our pre-technological ancestors would have.
  • Acknowledgement that global humanity is experiencing a great turning point in the largest known cycles of history: The Turning of the Ages
  • Use of a Three Worlds Approach to understanding and dealing with challenging aspects

What is a Mystery School?

It is a modern “Mystery School” based on direct experience and initiatory understanding. As a modern mystery school, it reveals what had been previously hidden, deemed occult, or reserved for only a privileged few.

More than just astrology:

4 Branches of the School

Based on the 4 Elements

The TOTAMS teachings are designed to foster a direct relationship with Great Mystery itself, so that we can each develop greater awareness of our life purpose –
our unique role in the unfolding of the One Reality.

Inspired by this quest, we have created a vision of service based on the astrological mandala or medicine wheel. This includes four branches, represented by the four elements of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. These illustrate the four distinct ways in which the TOTAMS paradigm can be accessed and utilized to support the health and development of humanity.

TOTAMS aspires to locate and cultivate “seed people”

who embody the past wisdom of global humanity, an open-minded awareness of the challenges of the present times, and with the willingness to help create a new world, a veritable renaissance; or as C.G.Jung said: “To dream the dream onward.”

TOTAMS stands on the 41-year foundation

of the Harbingers of the Turning of the Ages and the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School.

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