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Close Jupiter Opposition, Venus-Mercury Conjunction

UNITED STATES PROGRESSED LUNAR RETURNand a NINTH VENUS-MOON CONJUNCTION? By Daniel Giamario On Monday, September 26 at 12:33pm PDT, is the closest to Earth Solar opposition with Jupiter in 70 years. The last one was back in 1950 with Jupiter in Pisces. Jupiter is now...

Saturn Square Uranus Intensifies

GRAND TRINE ACTION and ANOTHER WIDE OUT-OF-BOUNDS MOON by Daniel Giamario September 19, 2022 On September 15 2022 the long-lasting Saturn square Uranus aspect entered into a one-degree orb that lasts until October 23. They are closest the first week of October, then...

Venus Enters the Exterior Underworld

September 12, 2022 by Daniel Giamario Venus has been a morning star since January 14 2022, as the morning star phase of the Capricorn synodic Overstory. On Tuesday September 13, a rapidly setting Venus will come within 10degrees of the Sun and in most places will be...

Full Moon in Pisces on Sept 10th

September 10, 2022 By Erik Roth This month’s Full Moon is in the sign of Pisces at 17˚41’, just a day after Mercury stationed retrograde in Libra.  The Moon will be in the constellation of the Water-Bearer (what astronomers still call Aquarius), as part of the water...

The Star Regulus Rises September 7

by Erik Roth Heliacal Rise of Regulus, Sept 7, 2022 One of the four Royal Stars, Regulus, rises into visibility (with the much brighter Venus just below Regulus) on the morning of September 7th. Regulus sits in the constellation of the Lion at 00°08’ Virgo and on the...

Checking In On Mercury

August 29 2022by Daniel GiamarioOn Monday August 29 at 9:10AM PDT, the Moon conjuncts Mercury at 3Libra25. On Monday evening, it may be possible to see a very slim young Moon slightly above Mercury. Though Mercury is at its greatest evening elongation of the year over...

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