Turning of the Ages Astrology Sessions

More than a typical astrology reading:
TOTAMS Sessions Highlight the Journey of the Soul

What is a TOTAMS Astrology Session?

A Turning of the Ages Astrology™ Session is not the usual Sun sign astrology reading. Each session is a consultation with a soul-to-soul connection between astrologer and client where the astrological archetypes and symbols are presented in their pure, eternal essence – without the usual meanings of any given time and place in history overlaid on them. 

The main purpose of the Turning of the Ages Astrology Paradigm™ is to give the person the understanding of their original intent, thereby assisting them through the power of knowledge in taking command and control of their own life, and giving them a vision of possibilities. 

This vision can include clarity on life purpose, validation of one’s authentic nature, and acknowledgement of the intent behind the unique challenges one must face.

What Makes TOTAMS Sessions Different
from Other Forms of Astrology?

TOTAMS Astrology sessions are non-predictive. Instead, each session offers tools and insights to help align the client with their original intent. By offering this deep level of confirmation, the individual’s soul journey comes into conscious awareness allowing them the freedom to uniquely and creatively express their true essence in day to day life.

Unlike traditional Sun sign astrology, where many aspects of the chart can be seen as either positive or negative, in the TOTAMS approach, the entire chart is seen as one’s chosen set of instructions, complete with the necessary challenges and timely opportunities for learning and growth. It is through these experiences that the individual may undergo a necessary initiation in order to be propelled toward actually realizing their overall life purpose.

How to Schedule a TOTAMS Session

If you would like to schedule a session, please contact one of the TOTAMS astrologers listed below directly.

All of the astrologers listed below have graduated from one of the two different certification levels offered by the school: Foundational and Fully Certified.

Foundational Certified TOTAMS Astrologers have successfully completed all the basic courses and received one on one mentoring to be able to utilize the TOTAMS Astrology paradigm to give individual consultations on natal chart archetypes and challenges, cycles and timings, and relationship work and the inner sacred marriage process. 

Fully Initiated Certified TOTAMS Astrologers have completed further coursework and mentoring and have made an additional commitment to develop their own personal relationship with the land and sky. This level of certification requires the student to have spent time with the teachings and to have undergone an initiation.

The Certified TOTAMS Astrologers listed here are required to keep current with our evolving Paradigm by annually engaging in online or in-person classes, as this is a living and growing body of knowledge. 

The school has a professional Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct that all active Certified TOTAMS Astrologers have agreed to and are committed to upholding in order to keep their certification current. This code represents the highest integrity of the Turning of the Ages Mystery School.   

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