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Neptune Stations Direct December 3rd

Dec 1, 2022 | by Erik Roth Neptune stations direct at 22°38’ Pisces on December 3, 2022.  Neptune has barely moved in the sky over the last week, which is the biggest sign that its about to station in the other direction.  In this case, it moves direct in...

Moon Conjunctions in Pisces December 1, 2022

Nov 29, 2022 by Erik Roth The Moon’s ingress into Pisces places it into conjunctions with Neptune and Jupiter on the same day.  The first conjunction is with Neptune at 22°38’ Pisces, then with Jupiter at 28°54’ Pisces.  The conjunctions happen about 11...

Full Moon Occults Mars – Dec 7

December 1, 2023 Beginner’s Corner with Sheridan We’re about to start the new Mars cycle! It’s so exciting! This will be a Gemini Mars cycle. When Mars reaches its opposition with the Sun, we begin a brand new 25-month Mars cycle. Think of Mars reaching its full Moon...

Checking In On Venus

November 28, 2022 By Daniel Giamario This week features the evening star rise of Venus from the Inanna Underworld. Venus will have been invisible on the other side of the Sun for 46 days (the symbolic 40 days in the wilderness) starting back on September 14. These...

Jupiter Stations Direct November 23

by Erik Roth | Nov 20, 2022  The biggest planet in our Solar System is stationing direct on the 23rd of November.  This happens at 28°47’ Pisces.  The exact point where Jupiter changes direction (3:02 pm PST) happens only 5 minutes after the exact New Moon (2:57 pm...

Sun in Sagittarius

by Erik Roth | Nov 19, 2022  The Sun makes its annual pilgrimage into the seasonal / temporal sign of Sagittarius on the 22nd of November, staying in that sign until December 21st.  This will take place at 12:20am PST, 3:20am EST with Venus and Mercury also in...

JFK Assassination: Second Saturn Return Concludes

By Daniel Giamario November 20, 2022 59 years ago, on November 22 1963, President Kennedy was very likely killed by a joint CIA/organized crime operation, a veritable coup d’etat.  I had just turned 15 years old, and was at that time a junior in high school in...

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