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Gemini Lunation  ·  Second Quarter

by Silvianne K. Delmars | June 13, 2024 |     This week’s astro update begins on Thursday, June 13, with the 2nd Quarter Moon in Virgo squaring the Sun in Gemini. We end our week late on Friday evening, June 21, with a Solstice Full Moon in Capricorn. Here...

Saturn and The 19th Degree in The Spotlight

by Daniel Giamario | June 9, 2024 |     Significant Saturn Happenings   With much attention having been placed on the Venus-Sun exterior conjunction this past Tuesday at 14Gemini29, we may have been neglecting what has been happening with Saturn. On...

Leo Venus & Gemini Mars: An Invitation

by Mary Kern | June 4, 2024 |   What is so special about these Synodic Cycles of Venus in the Leo Overstory and Mars in the Gemini Overstory?  Why is this something you will welcome into your awareness as we enter the second half of the Venus Cycle? Here is why:...

Gemini Lunation  ·  New Moon & First Quarter

by Silvianne K. Delmars | June 4, 2024 |     This week’s astro update begins on Thursday, June 6, with a shape-shifting New Moon in Gemini, launching a whole new lunation cycle. We end our week late on Thursday, June 13, with the Second Quarter Moon in...

Of Lunar Standstills, Solar Eclipses and Plasma

Ramblings, Reflections and Ruminations of Daniel Giamario |  June 3, 2024 |     The Experience of Total Solar Eclipses   Last April, a group of 22 of us gathered in Ohio to witness a Total Eclipse of the Sun. We were also there for an in-person certification...

Planetary Update

by Daniel Giamario | June 2, 2024 |     Firstly, I want to address the media-hyped “rare planetary lineup” this week. Having the major planets within a 90degree zone is not so rare. I have countless horoscopes of clients with all the major planets, and even...

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