The Mission of the Turning of the Ages Mystery School (TOTAMS) is to provide transformational education in astrology and astronomy that celebrates the magical link between Earth and Sky.

TOTAMS aspires to share with the world a unique and useful astrological paradigm that reconnects us with the land and the sky through the use of astrology, cosmology, ceremony and spirituality. We are committed to assisting those members of global humanity discover their soul’s purpose and live a life in alignment with their original intent through a path and process of initiation.

To achieve this, our highest goal is to locate and cultivate seed people: those possessing the skills and knowledge necessary to maintain and disseminate the wisdom of our ancestors. We seek to be part of a renaissance inspired by this ancestral wisdom, where each of us must be as conscious as possible of the current global situation, and participate in dreaming the vision onward into a new epoch at this great Turning of the Ages.


The Turning of the Ages Mystery School (TOTAMS) is a 501c3 Educational Non-Profit Organization registered in Arizona, USA.

We were originally founded in 2008 as The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School (SAMS) and remain incorporated under this name. As of 2022 we are ‘doing business as’ The Turning of the Ages Mystery School (TOTAMS).

As per our Articles of Incorporation, our purpose and mission is:

“To provide transformational education and teaching to activate original intent for global humanity through personal and planetary empowerment.”

We operate under the Non-Profit (EIN) number 26-1703290 and are registered with Charity Navigator and Great Nonprofits

Our Finances

As a nonprofit we are organized and operated for a collective, public or social benefit and do not generate a profit for owners like a traditional business model. In practice, this means all funds contributed to the school in surplus of our needs to pay our operating expenses are invested back into the schools educational activities, mission and purpose. 

We work hard to ensure that as much money as possible goes to our educational offerings. We are able to keep our expenses low without a physical office and are largely run by our voluntary Board of Directors, with our only permanent part time-staff member being our Managing Director.  Over the last few years our average annual operating budget was $89,046.

We are fortunate that our funding to date has been ‘unrestricted’ funding, meaning we are not tied to restrictions sometimes imposed by funders (such as issuers of grants) and therefore are able to flexibly utilize the funding to advance our mission as needed. Our primary sources of funds come from 

  • Courses & trainings we run (53%)
  • School membership (19%)
  • Annual fundraisers (10%)
  • Other (18%)


TOTAMS is Governed by our Board of Directors. The Directors act in accordance with our non-profit status and are guided by our original Articles of Incorporation and our Bylaws, which are regularly reviewed and updated by the sitting Directors.

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