The Mission of the Turning of the Ages Mystery School (TOTAMS) is to provide transformational education in astrology and astronomy that celebrates the magical link between Earth and Sky.

TOTAMS aspires to share with the world a unique and useful astrological paradigm that reconnects us with the land and the sky through the use of astrology, cosmology, ceremony and spirituality. We are committed to assisting those members of global humanity discover their soul’s purpose and live a life in alignment with their original intent through a path and process of initiation.

To achieve this, our highest goal is to locate and cultivate seed people: those possessing the skills and knowledge necessary to maintain and disseminate the wisdom of our ancestors. We seek to be part of a renaissance inspired by this ancestral wisdom, where each of us must be as conscious as possible of the current global situation, and participate in dreaming the vision onward into a new epoch at this great Turning of the Ages.

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