2010 June 21 Solstice

by Cayelin K Castell

This is a partial Lunar Eclipse about 40%

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The 2010 Summer Solstice is exact at 4:30 am PDT on June 21. This marks the movement of the Sun into zero Cancer and completes a Grand Cross of energy marked by Jupiter and Uranus at zero Aries, Saturn (28 Virgo 14) almost at zero Libra returning to the zero Libra point in late July, and Pluto at 4 Capricorn. On June 26 there will be a partial Lunar eclipse with the Moon at 4 Capricorn conjunct Pluto near the Galactic Cross.

This opens a two week window from the Lunar Eclipse to the Total Solar Eclipse on July 11… this means we are entering the Eclipse Cauldron taking us between the worlds of what is ending and what is beginning.

This is the closest eclipse acceleration with Pluto at the Galactic Cross for at least 248 years. However by then the Solstice point will have precessed off the Galactic Cross by almost 3.5 degrees. This suggests that this Solstice eclipse window is accelerating the process of bringing all the shadow material of the past 26,000 years to light especially around the Middle World control programs that have been in place personally and collectively.

Much is hidden from our conscious knowing, much of this shadow we have chosen not to know for various reasons. There is no judgment about this as good or bad… but rather it is about realizing now is the time to again remember, awaken and embrace the truth of who we are and why we are here. It is up to us to choose to participate with the unfolding Great Mystery!

Stay tuned for more about the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse on July 11…

Total Solar Eclipse

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