2017 Solar Eclipse Community Forum

If you are planning to be in a place where you can observe this Total Solar Eclipse we would love to hear from you. Where will you be?

Our plan is to create a map with all the locations those who share with us will be so we can link up energetically and energize a powerful intent that serves the Earth!

Please comment below and let us know what is happening for you.


  1. Dorothy batten

    I will be in Springfield Oregon and watching this eclipse through the free glasses every library is handing out. So excited!

  2. Kennette

    Will be in Houston, TX – amazing to witness this historical event…

  3. Debbie

    I’m located a little SE of Asheville, NC, and looking for a good viewing place – probably going towards Greenville, SC, though west towards Murphy, NC would be within reach as well. My husband and a couple friends are also interested in going to see the eclipse. If anyone has or knows of a good viewing place in the total eclipse band within a couple hours of Asheville, please let me know.

  4. Aurora lovelore

    Greeting beautiful beings,

    I am very likely to be at Avebury Wiltshire UK,as I currently live in the hub of the St Michael/Mary ley line i feel very blessed for this sacred landscape to be so close to me,

    I am aware that you are visiting this place very soon and will be there amongst a very powerful time,I highly recommend if you have time to also visit also Olivers Castle in Devizes this is also where the first crop circle of the year showed up,I was there for Summer Solstice and it felt amazing,

    There is so much to explore and you possibly have everything in place however if you need any assistance/support at all and I can help in any way please dont’ hesitate to contact me,I live just 40 minutes away from avebury in a wonderful place called Bradford on Avon,

    I feel collaboration to be key as we are all one and it time to be and make the change,its time for the divine feminine to rise and shine,may the 12 virtues of the heart lead the way to Love living Love,

    my heart to yours


  5. Amrita Grace

    Apollo and I will be at our home in Western North Carolina where we have the incredible privilege of living in the zone of totality! We are super excited and will be having a gathering of friends to celebrate and be present with this very special event. Lots of love and magic to you, Daniel, Cayelin, and the rest of the SAMS staff. xoxo

  6. Pamela

    I will be in Sedona, AZ unless that changes between now and 8/21.

  7. Amy Topham

    I will be with family and friends on private property in Gates, OR, enjoying live music and ceremony.

  8. Sharon Louise

    I may be hiding out in the basement.

    It will be my 75th birthday (8.21.42, 1:12 am CWT Chicago). Saturn will be on my Moon 21 Sag, along with Trump’s, Uranus will be trining my Sun and inconjunct my Neptune 28 Virgo, Mars trine Moon, Moon conjunct Sun 27 Leo, Jupiter sextile Moon, Neptune opposing my Mars Mercury conjunct at 12 & 14 Virgo, plus Chiron inconjunct my Sun and opposing my Neptune, my MH ruler Pisces. My Asc is 27 Gemini, Sun in the third house. My pre-natal eclipse was 18 Leo, my natal Chiron, post natal eclipse was 2 Pisces, my MH.

    On my tenth birthday, 1952 there was a solar eclipse and 18 days later my mother & father were in an auto accident. My mother suffered fractured vertebra and my father died 18 hours later. My mother is soon to be 99 yrs old (12.27.1918). The next five years were horrendous, hence the duration of that eclipse.

    Was planning an Eclipse and Three Quarter Century party on Sun 8/20.

    Any suggestions?

    • Jacquelyn Hoag

      But where are you….now?!?

  9. Jo Garceau

    I plan to be near Salem, Oregon in a park. Accompanying me will be son, Greg, and friend Gwen Czura. I can’t believe my good fortune to see a second full solar eclipse here in the states. We’ve been making plans for the eclipse for over a year and I’m offering special readings to clients.

  10. Caroline Stratton

    I am in the Bend /Sisters area and plan on driving a little ways north to make sure I experience the full force of the eclipse for as long as possible. I see Daniel will be in Redmond. Will he be doing any special ceremony prior to the eclipse or just the time of? Is this a closed group? I have attended several of his events years ago. Caroline

  11. Anah Laudenslager

    I will be in an open field in Rigby, Idaho which appears to be in the center of the solar eclipse pathway.

  12. Patricia S

    I will be in Galveston, TX

  13. Annette Pedersen

    I should be in Phoenix, AZ. My schedule changes on a dime, so I am not positive about it. but pretty sure that’s where I will be.
    I am considering doing a special drum circle for the Eclipse, and calling in the Grandmothers whether or not the drum circle is just me, or a group!

  14. Gwen Richards Czura

    Very excited to be in Independence, OR with good friends from my shamanic practice training group, and also, and especially, Jo Garceau, who introduced me to SAMS.

  15. Mascha Miedaner

    What a wonderful idea! I will be close to Beatrice, NE. Probably sitting out in a field or by the side of the road watching. The area where I live is in the Path of Totality and I want to get as close to the center line as I can for the longest viewing time.

  16. Gary Stamper

    Asheville, NC, of course, and looking for the best connection and viewing opportunity.

  17. Susan

    I’ll be in Santa Rosa CA an hour north of San Francisco ready to envision a timeline of Love, Peace, Grace, and Goodness for all.

  18. Donna Goodman

    I will be in the Amazon region of Brazil. At the confluence of the Amazon and Tapajós Rivers. Thanks!.

  19. Katy M.

    We will be in Nantahala, NC on my family’s property in the mountains. We are so excited to have front row seats to history from the old cabin we love! We will only have 10 seconds shorter than the max totality. SO amazing! Now just visualizing clear skies…

  20. Carla Sanders

    I planned to travel from Maine to Tennessee to visit family, as my hometown is in the path of totality. Rethinking that investment of energy as I am recovering from Lyme. May go the opposite direction to downeast Maine. Closer to home, cooler, wetter — and — the eclipse amplifies what you think and do, so I’d rather be swimming! I’ll send pictures of either an Eclipse, a rocky beach, or a whale!

  21. Wendy

    We will be observing the Eclipse at or near our home between Paris & Dover Tennessee

  22. Nancy Brettell

    I live in Eugene, OR so I will go to a hill near my house with a good view of the Sun


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