2018 Letter from Our President

2018 Letter from the SAMS President, Mary Kern

2018 was an awesome year for the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School (SAMS)! I am excited and overjoyed to extend my heartfelt gratitude to each one of You who contributed to our growth including: All our Members, our Advisors, our Donors, our Associates and our Course Participants as well those of you who bought products or found us a source of inspiration. Your support of the school has helped us to expand our programs and our community. Thank you for continuing to contribute in all these ways to our non-profit.

Our Council envisioned “Big” for 2018 at our 2017 Fall Retreat and today we celebrate the harvest of those intentions. 

SAMS Achievements in 2018

How we utilized your support and donations in our 2018 Achievements:

We are celebrating many Accomplishments in 2018 thanks to your support, along with the dedication and devotion of our founders, advisors, expanded Council and hard-working Managing Director. We celebrate the rich growth of our students who diligently studied this paradigm and are taking it out into the world.

Organizational Developments in 2018:

Our Board of Directors welcomed powerful, innovative new board members to our team with Barbara (Beau) Taylor, returning to accept the position of Secretary. Kate Rusko and DeArah (Deborah) Mech brought their mighty talents as well. Our School’s council team continues to alsoinclude Co-Founder, Cayelin Castell, Pres. Mary Kern, Vice-Pres. Viola Goodwin, Treas. Erik Roth, and Membership Co-ordinator, Zan Steinberg. I am so grateful for this amazing, inspired, rare talent-filled team.

Daniel Giamario transitioned into his new role as Founder Emeritus/Senior Advisor working closely with our Steering Committee, the Associate program, mentoring, writing articles and a new book, hosting a Script and Archetype Course in Bali with teacher-in-training, Levi Banner, co-teaching at the international Renaissance of the Sacred Feminine in the UK with Anyaa Mc Andrews and teaching two Associate mentees in Brisbane Australia. 

Cayelin Castell headed up developing and over-seeing many new projects in the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School with support from our Managing Director Erik Roth, Web master and beloved, Peter Klein, the SAMS Council and of course, Daniel.   

Cayelin surpassed her previous mammoth contributions to SAMS this year dedicating time to training five new teachers, shepherding Kate, Vi, and Mary to create the first SAMS Timings, and mentoring a successful Social Media Team; Dana Zia, Kate Rusko, Tami Brunk along with herself to create meaningful exposure to thousands on Face Book and Instagram mainly but also included were Linked-In and Twitter. Bravo and deep gratitude for Cayelin’s tireless dedication!

The Elements Event at University of Earth 2018

The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School’s enlivened Council convened at the U of Earth on the Feather River, Graeagle, CA. October 23-24 for dynamic sessions of thinking outside the box.

Our first five stateside teacher’s-in-training developed and taught Co-Creating with the Elements, a three-day workshop covering the 4 Elements and their respective archetypes. 

Our Four Quadrant Outreach Groups debuted our first three Cross-Quarter Zoom talks with the founders and quadrant members to honor, celebrate and connect with Great Mystery and SAMS members at these significant cross-quarters seasonal times of turning. Our fourth Cross Quarter talk is planned for February 2019.

New Educational Developments in 2018:

On-Line Classes: Our 4th on-line class immersed participants in the Living Wisdom of the Inner Planets a.k.a the Synodic Cycles Course. Many more on-line class participants went deeper into the SAMS paradigm through this successful teaching venue this year.  

Tele-classes included Chiron Moving into Aries, Uranus Moving into Taurus, The Lunar Nodes moving in Cancer/Capricorn and Jupiter Moving into Sagittarius. Daniel and Erik taught the Synodic Cycle of Mars completing its overtone in Sagittarius and moving into the Aquarius Overtone on July 26. Daniel and Cayelin have both contributed generously to SAMS from the proceeds of their personally-sponsored, SAMS related events, as has Erik Roth

Ireland 2018

Live Events included SAMS’ first ever apprentice-created and taught, highly successful Co-Creating with the Elements Workshop at the University of Earth October 23-25th. Cayelin mentored these enthusiastic apprentices through a rich and fun course developed and taught byCayelin, Kate Rusko, Beau Taylor, Mary Kern and DeArah. Daniel and Anyaa Mc Andrew, led a Renaissance of the Sacred Feminine annual international UK event in Ireland where Adrian Carroll received level 3 certification. Daniel also taught the Script and Archetype Course in Bali.

New Youtube videos were created by Daniel, Gemini Brett, Erik and Cayelin. SAMS is seeing an increase in interest in this paradigm both nationally and internationally!

Publications: Our SAMS Handbook was reformatted and reprinted and our first international edition is planned for printing in Bali by Levi Banner with handbook sales increasing 30% this year.

Promotional Developments in 2018:

Our 2018 Free Summer Solstice Online Event, created and presented by Daniel, Cayelin, and Erik had 700 participants

Our 2018 Winter Solstice Membership Program registration has increased over last year’s Event.

Our SAMS 2020 Summit replay this December has been hugely successful.

Our marketing presence expanded through Face Book, Instagram, our SAMS Newsletter, and our Founders’ multiple public presentations and online talks.

Daniel appeared and spoke on a video summit for the Shift Network with around 575,000 subscribers. In June 2018, Daniel was interviewed by Michael Stone on his Nevada City radio show addressing the topic, “What is Shamanic Astrology?” He also presented on the Divine Soul Ignited Summit and the DNA Code Summit and was featured on the Caroline Casey Show.

The new app, The Pattern, debuted and Daniel continues to develop content beyond the initial version adding more Mercury content and major monthly events. There are more versions to come. 

Tucson Women’s Conference 2018

Cayelin presented to new audiences in an Online Summit, Conversations with Co-creators of the New World and was twice a guest on Shima Moore’s Radio Show as well as Kyrona Unity Hope’s Radio Show. Cayelin spoke on the 2020 alignment at a local conference in Tucson on behalf of SAMS as well as speaking at the Global Goddess Gathering in North Carolina and she presented at a Cave Creek Women’s group 5 times this year.

We graciously extend a second “tip of the hat” to our Advisory Members and those who provided 2020 Summit interviews; Lisa Michaels, Gemini Brett, Cayelin Castell, Tami Brunk, Gary Caton, Joan Heartfield, Kadea Metara, Rich Silver, Daniel Giamario, Linda Star Wolf, Dale O’brien, Mark Jones, Kate Rusko, Anyaa McAndrew, and Henry Seltzer. 

We double thank-you and appreciate your contributions. 

We also extend our gratitude to Christine Northrup for supporting SAMS on her blog and Robyn Wells for her special donation to SAMS. Additional thanks to Caroline Casey who repeatedly invites Daniel to present on her radio show.  

Thanks to All our members for your support and Emma Waner, Gael Chilson, and Barbara Taylor for transcribing talks and editing new publications. So much devotion and love has been given to SAMS! We owe so much of our growth and success to this awesome community effort.

You can be apart of this incredible expansion either through volunteering (let us know if you are interested via email to shamanicastrology@gmail.com) or by making an end of the year, TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation to our 

NON-PROFIT, the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School at this link

 https://shamanicastrology.com/tax-deductible-donations or by mailing a check to 

SAMS c/o Erik Roth, 6107 SW Murray Blvd,  PMB 161, Beaverton, OR 97008,  USA

5 out of 7 Council Members at the Council Retreat 2018


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