2019 End of Year Letter from the President of SAMS

 “If there is one thing that a person needs
from another human being,
it’s to be appreciated,
to be listened to,
to be heard.
~Ram Dass 

Mary Kern, President of SAMS

This year end letter to you is truly a rich celebration of appreciation for all that SAMS accomplished in 2019 with your help, our Members, Advisors, Donors, Associates, Course Participants, Founders and Council Members. We are profoundly grateful and inspired by how all of our combined energies have taken us forward.

Our SAMS community has thrived and expanded this year bringing more inspiration, more purpose and more enthusiasm to keep doing this work. Thank you for holding us on your shoulders and taking this beautiful paradigm into your hearts and out into the world!

New and greater perspectives are needed to lead us into this new emerging world. The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School provides an expansive view on the forefront of heralding a new dream coming into form.

Organizational Developments in 2019:

We celebrate our strong council leadership adding Awen Labow, from Bisbee, Az. He has delighted us with his artistic and technical abilities as well as his clarifying, practical input. Awen is training with Erik Roth to assume responsibilities as our new Treasurer.

Our Council Team said our good-byes to Zan Steinberg and Kate Rusko celebrating their many contributions to our Board of Directors.

Erik, SAMS managing director, has been hard at work inputting data into a new software program so we can launch a better, more efficient way to connect digitally with our internet audience and our SAMS members.

New Educational Developments in 2019:

We celebrate our First Annual Gathering on-land in Tucson, AZ, in March 2019, hosting 22 participants. Much gratitude to Cayelin Castell for generously providing us a cozy venue in her private home and a gorgeous Tucson night sky.

We celebrate our 5th online course on Cosmology and the Night Sky bringing a comprehensive, information-packed study to our audience. We are truly grateful to have an entire set of SAMS basic on-line classes that are always available to take anytime to satisfy thirsty students of SAMS.

This year our former tele-classes morphed into Webinar Classes adding instructive visuals. SAMS new webinars are ALL available for viewing including the Underworld Saga of Venus and Mars https://shamanicastrology.com/underworld-saga-webinar

All About Retrogrades, Ceremony and Shamanic Astrology (both with Cayelin and Erik) A NEW Venus Webinar (Cayelin and Tami Brunk), and Jupiter in Capricorn (with Daniel and Cayelin) are available separately or as a package here https://shamanicastrology.com/2019-webinar-series

With gratitude we continued our Monthly Members Calls providing a starry glimpse into the upcoming month.

Erik Roth and I offered two free special member’s tele-classes with lively Q & A sessions for members wishing to learn more about the basics of Shamanic Astrology. Our 2019 topics included the Mars-Venus Underworld Conjunction and The Script of the Natal Chart (in August), and Pluto, What it Means, and its Initiation and Complexes (in October).

Our Founders, Daniel and Cayelin continued to host free Cross-Quarter Members Calls for Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas and Samhain as a way to rift with, inform and celebrate our

Cayelin Castell and Tami Brunk have continued to grow our SAMS community through their Venus Alchemy Program offering SAMS members several free videos to learn more about Venus and the evolving Divine Feminine and supporting the school with significant financial contributions.

Daniel Giamario continued his explorations of ancient sights providing opportunities for our Members to experience in-person the mysteries and magic of standing on sacred sites with the Stars and Megalithic hierophanies reconnecting us to the Goddess and the times when humankind worshiped and co-created with Her. And yes, these sacred portals still hold that magic.

Our Newsletter promoted more diverse contributions this year to include a larger range of articles and interests for our readers. We celebrate this exchange of fun and information about what brings us together!

We celebrate two new SAMS Level One: Shamanic Astrology Practitioner graduates,
Mar Celero and Karen Suture, both completing their trainings at our Bali location.

Four additional Level One graduates are completing certification with three attending our March 3 Oracle course for their graduation ceremony, Zeina Yazbek (from Lebanon), Kathryn DeWitt, Cynthia Wong and Olivia Sautereau (from France).

A very special appreciation for Levi Banner completing his teaching qualifications to teach the Script and Archetype Course in Bali.

Cheers to our International Division for expanding our paradigm worldwide!  Twenty-two students attended their most recent class!

The Inner Sacred Marriage and Relationship, an in-person, six-day intensive in Bali is scheduled May 7-13, 2020. Daniel will be teaching the in-person Shamanic Time-line and Planetary Initiations Course in Bali later in 2020.

Our founder will be joining Anyaa McAndrew and The Renaissance of the Sacred Feminine on a 14-day adventure, July 25-August 7, 2020, to the coast of Wales and to the Wiltshire/Avery, UK for the peak of crop circle season.

Promotional Developments in 2019:

We celebrate a vastly expanded social media audience with our Shamanic Astrology Facebook reaching over 12,000 followers and Instagram connecting us to over 1,500 subscribers thanks to the volunteer work of Kate Rusko, Dana Zia, Cayelin Castell, Tami Brunk and Silvianne Delmars. Vivian Hurley and Laura Bailey were on this team for part of 2019. These ladies bring the magic to connect you to us and to our amazing Celestial Realm. We are grateful that we can touch so many lives and grateful for your many warm replies.

Our Free June Solstice Event and December Solstice Fundraiser provided participants with both astrological and natal chart information as well as powerful look at the most significant astrological events taking place in 2020.

In 2020 we look forward to our Annual Gathering, March 22-27, at El Rancho Robles, north of Tucson, AZ, offering more SAMS Enhancements, Night Sky Explorations and Graduations.

Please be a part of our continued expansion by making an end of the year,
Shamanic Astrology Mystery School
at the link below


or by mailing a check to
SAMS c/o Erik Roth,
6107 SW Murray Blvd, PMB 161
Beaverton, OR 97008, USA

Thank you all for helping make this one of our best year’s yet!

With immense gratitude,
Mary Kern President of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School

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