Moon/Venus 7th Gate—First Chakra and OOB Moon

July 25, 2022

By Daniel Giamario

On Tuesday July 26 at 7:54am PDT, the Moon will exactly conjunct Venus, at 10Cancer21.  This close pairing is best spotted in North America just before dawn about 23degrees from the Sun.  The Moon, which will be widely out of bounds at 26degrees54 minutes North latitude (near the most extreme of the year) can be seen a good four degrees above Venus.  Venus is now at magnitude -3.83, which is somewhat less bright than she can usually be, as she is now rather rapidly sinking towards the Eastern morning horizon as the dawn slowly brightens. Remember to have a look!

This is the seventh Moon/Venus conjunction in the morning sky since Venus turned direct back on Jan. 29, 2022. More often than not, there are only seven Moon/Venus conjunctions before Venus disappears into the exterior underworld and passes behind the Sun and below the horizon, obscured by the radiance of the Sun. This descent into the exterior underworld happens on September 11, 2022. This particular Venus 584 day synod actually has an eighth conjunction, on August 25th, which our school has termed “death by intent”. We shall have more to say about that in coming weeks.

Each 584 day synodic cycle has an “overstory,” the larger archetypal signature of the entire synod which is determined by the sign of Venus at her heliacal rise. This larger overstory currently features the sign of Capricorn, as Venus rose heliacally at 15Capricorn Jan. 15, 2022. The Moon/Venus conjunctions in the morning sky can be called “gates” or portals that suggest the energies and opportunities for the time up until the next gate. I formulated a methodology for ceremonially, psychologically and spiritually working with these gates back in 1996-1997. You can see the original research that appeared in the Mountain Astrologer magazine here: The Venus Alchemy group, led by Cayelin Castell and Sheridan Semple, also extensively explore these themes building on the same framework.

The seven (sometimes eight) Moon/Venus conjunction gates can also be compared to the seven chakras.  Morning star Venus is actually on a long journey towards the underworld.  Inspired by the ancient Sumerian story of Inanna’s journey to the underworld, where she has to relinquish her attachments and to learn surrender, this seventh gate corresponds to the first chakra.  This is where the queen of heaven (Inanna as Venus) surrenders her attachment to her life itself as a final preparation for shamanic death and rebirth.

Amplified by the OOB Cancer Moon, the primary issues to consider concern all first chakra issues, such as survival, security, and personal egoic identity.  Releasing these attachments is essential and very helpful in preparation for the underworld journey.  Also, for some, life issues related to a weakness or unwillingness to fight for survival can be amplified.  It can be an interesting dance between the attachments to survival and security, and any obscurations that have weakened the primary life force energies designed to be utilized for survival.  Keep in mind that this initiatory process of surrender has absolutely nothing to do with deficiency, judgment, or “bad Karma”, rather is one of life’s most important processes, essential for the journey towards wholeness and self-realization.

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