A Deep Look at How Saturn Teaches Us

thumbnail-largeWhen life isn’t Fair there is hope…and another way to look at it!

Healthy Saturn is necessary in any system
as it is responsible for structure and form.
Life without the Saturn principle would be similar to
the experience of always being on a large dose of LSD.
This is why it is important to understand that Saturn
is not good or bad; it’s simply the rules, and
why the best strategy is to learn to work with Saturn.

~From The Shamanic Astrology Handbook
Sourced by Daniel Giamario (
Available HERE!)

This is a timeless look at Saturn and how to successfully navigate the opportunities Saturn brings!

From the Shamanic Astrology Perspective Saturn is a Teacher, Guide and Ally even when it feels exactly the opposite. Understanding this has been liberating for me and my clients and all those who have taken Shamanic Astrology classes over the past 30 years.

It hasn’t always been easy but I have made great strides in viewing Saturn as an ally. Certainly, there are times when Saturn limitations can feel unfair, depressing and downright difficult. However, Saturn is also about growth and maturation and creating or building the structures that really support who we truly are.

Something to know that may shift your view of Saturn – is contrary to popular belief Saturn is a feminine planet that has been co-opted by the patriarchy. Saturn is about the structures of reality, or form. And, form is about matter, and matter has its roots in the word mother – hence the feminine association with Saturn.

Not only that, Saturn is most resonant with the sign of Capricorn, a feminine earth sign, that has to do with the Circle of Grandmothers. From this perspective we can see that Saturn is feminine, and is NOT a punishing, judgmental masculine God, as described by the patriarchy, though it certainly can feel that way at times.

Whatever our experience of Saturn is, it may be helpful to know, that Saturn is simply reflecting to us a reality that is structured by our personal and collective belief systems. Over the last five thousands years there has been a collective belief or story that is rooted in the “fall from grace.” Even if we don’t personally believe that story, much of our world and our lives are still at the effect of it. (More on this idea including the Doing Addiction with audios)

We all encounter Saturn. This is because, everyone goes through Saturn transits during their life. Additionally, their are those who have some type of Saturn complex on their natal chart – so they are the ones dealing with Saturn on a constant basis. What follows are some of the ways you might encounter the presence of Saturn…by transit or by dynamic aspect on your natal chart.

You might be in a Saturn Cycle or Have a Life Long Saturn Challenge designed to help you grown and evolve if:

  • You find yourself saying, “It’s NOT Fair!”
  • Or if no matter what you do (or how perfectly you do it) it feels like you get the same unfair results.
  • Or if you are certain you have done everything exactly the way you were taught to do and shown up in the way you thought you were expected to show up and still the love you desire, the appreciation you crave, and the recognition you deserve, alludes you.
  • Or if you find yourself feeling like no matter what you do – you are somehow doomed to repeating the same process over and over like a record stuck in a certain groove, even when you thought you were being conscious about your choices. Yet, somehow, you still find yourself in an unfair situation or experiencing undesirable results.

A Personal Saturn Story
Speaking from my own personal experience back in April of 2012 when Saturn was opposite my natal Venus, I heard myself saying more than once, “this isn’t fair!”

Then came the moment when it dawned on me I was in a Saturn cycle and I was hearing myself saying a classic Saturn statement. Not only that, I was remembering that in Saturn’s world fair doesn’t exist and I needed a new point view about what was happening………

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