A New Year Begins: Turning Points and Planetary Updates

Dec 31, 2023 | by Daniel Giamario |

Jupiter Stationed Direct

Just before year’s end, on Saturday, December 30, 6:40pm PST, at 5Taurus34, Jupiter stationed direct. Jupiter had been retrograde since September 4, and in Taurus since May 16, 2023. This marks the beginning of a “full speed ahead” and the arrival of the high wave of Jupiter amplification, now on a fast track towards the rare exact conjunction with Uranus on April 20, 2024.

At magnitude -2.6, positioned in the Ram constellation near Hamal and Sheratan, Jupiter is still dominating the high southwest to south evening skies, standing highest around 8:00pm.

Mercury Stations Direct

On New Years Day, at 7:08pm PST, Mercury stations direct at 22Sagittarius11, close to Galactic Center. This begins Mercury’s Sagittarius Synodic Overstory which will last for 115 days until April 25, 2024. Mercury will have spent a total of 43 days in Sagittarius, including THREE conjunctions with Galactic Center: November 29, 2023, December 24, 2023, and January 11, 2024.

This is an exceptionally conducive time for the highest expression of right brain intuitive-fire expressions of perception, cognition and communication. A willingness to love the truth and speak it out is paramount!

Mercury can be found low in the dawning morning sky, brightening from 1.0 to 0.0 magnitude.

Mars Soon Rises from The Underworld

When using a 15degree orb, Mars can theoretically start to be seen just after the New Year. But as this is when Mars is farthest away from the Sun and quite dim, he’ll be hard to spot in the dawn amongst the stars. Around January 8, Mars can finally again spot morning star Venus, coming within 10degrees of her by the end of January. Their auspicious conjunction in Aquarius happens on February 21, 2024.

Mars enters Capricorn at the Galactic Center Cross on Thursday, January 4.


At Magnitude -4.0, Venus is now slowly descending in the morning sky, and is still in her Heart Chakra synodic gateway. She recently passed through the balance beam of the Scales constellation and has now entered into the Scorpion Constellation.  She will meet up with Antares, the heart of the Scorpion, on Saturday, January 6.


Beginning the year in a T-square to the Virgo Moon and Venus in Sagittarius, Saturn is moving lower in the southwest during and after dark. At magnitude 0.9, it is still about two fists above Fomalhaut, of a similar magnitude, in the watery area of the sky within the Water Bearer and Fish constellations.


For a deeper dive into the above mentioned cycles, make sure to check out the most recent Solstice Seminars! 


As a New Years wish, I must recommend the astonishingly great John Lennon & Yoko Ono song: “Happy Xmas: War is Over” with the words:

“Have a Happy New Year, Let’s hope it’s a good one, without any fear”.

Listen to it here! 



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