A Rare and Powerful Day of Great Potential Breakthroughs

August 1st, 2022


By Daniel Giamario

On August 1, 2022, this much anticipated and written about configuration finally happens.  At 11:04AM PDT, Mars exactly conjoins the North Node at 18Taurus33.  Then at 4:53PM PDT is the exact conjunction with Uranus at 18Taurus42.  In the space of less than 6 hours, a grouping so close that I have actually no idea how far back or forward in history one would need to go to see something this exact.  Going back to May 10, 1856, there was a grouping of these three in Taurus from 11-21 Taurus, but not within minutes in the same sign and same degree on the same day.

I always conceive of North Node alignments as future oriented, in the direction of universal intent, and not shadow or past karma oriented.  But then, the celestial initiator Uranus is the primary agent.  The breakthroughs will be unpredictable, unknowable, and unexpected.  I have written much about the Mars/Aries 26 month overstory and the necessity for patriarchal Aries in both men and women to gain some elder knowledge and maturity.  A new expression of Aries in these times is so very important.  The alignment with the North Node is certainly hopeful.  But Uranus is always a breaker of the assemblage point, like the useful purpose of the Tower card in the Tarot: a tower struck by lightning.  Our usual and habitual structures are disassembled, so they can reassemble in a new way.  Leonard Cohen expressed it well with the words: “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the Light gets in”.  In our signature ThreeWorldsApproach, one aspect of the Celestial or Upper World can be expressed by: “All is well, the Universe is unfolding as it should”.  Let go, roll with the punches, be not attached, and accept all with an open hand.  Miracles are possible, but likely not as you would have expected.  Now would be a good time to review our June Solstice deep dive into this configuration that can be found here: https://turningoftheages.com/media/.

Another factor to keep in mind is that the upcoming and last close square of Saturn to Uranus is set to dominate the last few days of September and first week of October.  On October 6, 2022 Saturn will be at 18Taurus11 and Uranus at 18Aquarius48.  Here again is this 18th degree.  In 2021 and 2022, the Saturn/Uranus square provides the largest global context, not including the much larger framework of the six converging timelines.  Amplified by today’s configuration at the same degree, certainly Great Mystery and Universal Intent are delivering a message.  Will we be open to receiving it?  This week’s events, within our-selves, and in the outer world are likely to be powerful and even surprising.  My experience with clients in the cross-wires of Saturn square Uranus, has seen them making significant leaps forward into their intended destiny.  As for the greater world, it’s impossible to say, to be honest, just what it will take.  I hope Uranus can conjure a way forward.

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