A Rare Morning Sky and Heliocentric Neptune

By Daniel Giamario


Today’s beautiful morning sky alignment,  containing all five visible planets, has something unusual and extraordinary about it.  Namely, all five planets are in their natural order: Mercury—Venus—Mars—Jupiter—Saturn.  The last time this alignment happened was in December 2004; now, nearly 20 years later, the gap is visibly smaller between Mercury and Saturn.  We will have to wait until 2040 to see this ordered arrangement once more in the morning sky.

The entire lineup is separated by only 91degrees.  This is now their tightest grouping, visible in just over a quarter of the sky.

Saturn     25Aquarius15     magnitude +0.8   near the tail of the Goatfish

Jupiter     04Aries34           magnitude -2.3     under Pegasus and above Cetus

Mars         09Aries07          magnitude +0.7     under Pegasus and above Cetus

Venus       10Taurus26        magnitude -3.9     near Hamal in the Ram

Mercury   26Taurus27        magnitude +1.0    conjunct Algol and approaching the Pleiades

You will have a chance to witness this all of June, with the waning crescent Moon joining them, beginning with Saturn on June 18th, and ending with Mercury on June 27th.  By then, the grouping will stretch out to cover over 130 degrees.  These days early this week are the closest grouping, just over a quarter of the sky.  Take advantage, if you can, this week to view this spectacle in the sky.

Jupiter’s heliocentric conjunction with Neptune

I have recently speculated that the April 12th Jupiter/Neptune conjunction at 23Pisces58 was the “seed point” for the next 166 years, relative to the expansion of Neptune in its home sign: CLICK HERE Over the course of my 52 years of astrological practice I have seldom been much interested in heliocentric charts (a chart with the Sun at the center).  However, the heliocentric chart of the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction has rekindled an interest, since it turns out that Monday June 6th is the exact conjunction at 23Pisces24.  I am sensing that global outer planet configurations are worthy of a heliocentric inquiry, encompassing the entire solar system.  Therefore, even though Jupiter is now well beyond its conjunction with Neptune that took place back on April 12th, and will not return to 23Pisces for another 12 years, this heliocentric conjunction, at the same 23rd degree, indicates that most everything else in 2022 is held in the larger context of this greatly expanded Neptune in Pisces time-frame.

This is good news, considering all the really intense middle world and underworld activations that are currently taking place.  I believe this provides an easier access to the celestial transmissions from the spiritual realms that are now available to those who open to them.  For myself, I invite the guidance and support of the Guardian Host of the Emerald Order that upholds and aligns with the Law of One.


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