A Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius by Levi Banner

Where I am in Bali it will happen juuuust after sunset (moonrise) on May 25. All the way to the United States where it will happen just before sunrise (moonset) on May 26.

Wherever you are, if it’s visible or not, you will feel it.

It’s also an important time for ceremony. So if you can see it, I highly suggest to view it and honor it in your own special way.

A lunar Eclipse is when the earth is exactly between the Sun and the Moon, quite literally blocking the Sun’s light from reflecting off of the Full Moon. Instead of the brightness of the Moon’s light at night, we see the earth’s shadow projected instead.

It appears as if you can see the entire month’s lunar cycle in a couple of hours. Where as the actual totality of this eclipse lasts only 14 minutes.

Indeed a potent time for ceremony. A meditation for example during that 14 minutes would be extra powerful.

One eclipse is always followed by a second. So in two weeks there will be an Annular Solar Eclipse in the opposite sign of Gemini. This is when the moon will cross directly in front of the Sun and block out the light of day.

Between these two weeks is like a window of time where you feel the effects of the eclipse energy in your daily life.

This Full Moon we will enter into a two week eclipse portal where the shadows can come out and deep healing can take place.

Eclipses always bring up the shadows. That’s literally what they are in the sky. A block in the light and shadows cast. You can more easily see what’s beneath the surface during these times.

This two week portal is where our deepest fears, blocks and hesitations can be looked at and let go of.

Eclipses are always close to the Lunar Nodes. This lunar eclipse is near the South Node and gives us a tremendous clue on what the nature of this alignment is.

The South Node is more oriented towards our past and therefore letting go of what no longer serves us and collecting what is useful that we’ve learned to move on with.

The sign that the eclipse is in also has a major influence on the energy. The sign of Sagittarius is what is being accented.

Sagittarius is the sign of exploration, expansion, adventure, philosophy and seeking higher truth and knowledge.

The shadows of Sagittarius are generally fundamentalism or restlessness.

Like when someone obtains a truth and attaches to it. Without a desire to evolve or produce new forms of truth, the truth then expires. Some forms of truth are always changing.

Another shadow is the restlessness of the sag archetype. Sag is the only one that when a group gets to the top of the mountain, they are still looking for another mountain top. Sometimes it’s a good time to enjoy the view that only comes from an epic journey up that mountain.

It’s time to let go of these versions of Sagittarius that are no longer useful.

What is your truth? What is no longer true for you?

What is uncharted territory for you? What is stuck?

It’s time to release what no longer serves you and enter this space of finding deeper meaning and higher truths.

This is indeed a potent portal we are all entering.

If you have any inner planets or personal angles in your natal birth chart at 0-15 degrees Sagittarius or Gemini, then you are very personally being activated by this current eclipse.

On a bigger picture this eclipse is part of a much larger cycle called a “Saros”. I’ve learned from my teachers at the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School, Daniel Giamario and Erik Roth, that this is actually the very last total eclipse in a Saros that started in 1029 and ends in 2526. And that these cycles are linked through 18 years. Three of them reach 54 years which has a deeper relationship.

All this eclipse patterning is intimately linked with the Lunar Nodes. 18 years ago in May 2003 there was an eclipse in this same overall Saros, and 18 years before that as well. Though the third is more important. Every 54 years the eclipse cycle returns to a very similar place in how it faces the earth. So this current eclipse is similar to the one on April 24, 1967 as it’s in this same triad of 18 years and in the same family of eclipses called Saros 121.

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