Amplification of The Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction

May 12, 2024 | by Daniel Giamario |


Aurora Borealis as captured by my friend Aisling Walsh over Ireland

Starting this week, a major Solar Storm is in progress as well as another extreme Out-of-Bounds Moon occurring May 9-13. The Moon entered Cancer, which is the Galactic Edge, Friday, May 10 at 8:13pm PDT. Soon thereafter, the Moon reached a maximum of 28.23degrees North declination, a full five degrees beyond the ecliptic.

It certainly is worth noting that this Solar Storm – sparking magnificent aurora displays as far south as Florida and even Puerto Rico! – is happening in unison with the extreme OOB Moon. New creation and unexpected transmissions are likely as the Earth’s electro-magnetic field is weakening and shifting, like undergoing an accelerated “excursion”.

Simultaneously, events amplifying the Jupiter-Uranus in Taurus alignment are continuing throughout the week.




Sun Conjunct Uranus


The Sun aligns with Uranus on Monday, May 13, 2:14am PDT, at 23Taurus06. This is a yearly conjunction. Uranus being an exterior outer planet, these conjunctions always occur with Uranus in the Celestial Underworld, off the world stage, on the other side of the Sun. The once in 83-year Jupiter-Uranus in Taurus meet-up happened on April 20 at 21Taurus49, just before both planets entered the Underworld – a seed point for the next 83 years!


Sun Conjunct Jupiter


On Saturday, May 18, 11:45am PDT, the Sun then forms its yearly conjunction with Jupiter at 28Taurus18, also in the exterior underworld, off the world stage. This can happen in Taurus every twelve years.


Venus Conjunct Uranus

Not to be forgotten, Venus, also now in the exterior / Inanna Underworld, aligns with Uranus on May 18 at 4:41am PDT at 23Taurus24. Her conjunction with Jupiter will happen on May 23, just before she is entering Gemini, closely followed by Jupiter on May 25. See TOTAMS Yearly Highlight Seminar Jupiter in Gemini on the same day! And stay tuned for info regarding our The Journey of Inanna with Mars experience opening for new admissions soon! While waiting, you can watch this now.


Unpacking The Amplification


Uranus symbolizes unexpected, unpredictable, and novel events, usually accompanied by major synchronicity. The intent is to inspire movement to “other worlds” and possibilities. Jupiter activates and expands whatever it is in alignment with. In some ways, Uranus is a higher octave of Jupiter. They amplify each other.


The celestial underworld placements assist in creating a radical openness for receiving the most unexpected and novel input from the stellar realm. Jupiter, Uranus, and Venus are all on the receiving end here, individually and with each other.

As so much of the world is locked into deepest materialism and density while we approach the end of Kali Yuga in 2025, this will surely be welcome. May it bring greater insight and inspiration for the concurrent Great Awakening and Remembering!


Mars and The Lunar Nodes


Meanwhile, something else of great importance is happening with Mars and the Lunar Nodes. Mars will align with the North Node this coming Sunday, May 19, at 14Aries46. Significantly, the United States Saturn sits at 14Libra48. The South Node is within one degree of the U.S. Saturn from March 17 – June 6. The exact conjunction happens on May 22.

This means, as the week unfolds, the South Node – U.S. Saturn combo is in opposition to the Mars – North Node alignment! Within the continuing context of her Chiron Return, the karma of the U.S. is certainly at a critical juncture. 

Buckle your seat belts!

Next week I will discuss the Aries action featuring Mars, the Nodes, Chiron and Eris. 

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