August 22, 2022

By Daniel Giamario

There are a number of events that are capturing my attention today.

1) All year I have been writing about the Out-of-Bounds Moon, which has become quite apparent

in 2022. The phenomenon will keep increasing as we approach the next Lunar Standstill season in

2024-2025. On Monday, August 22, between 7-8am PDT, the Moon’s declination will reach

beyond 27 degrees for the first time in 2022 (27N06). This is more than 4 ½ degrees

North of the Ecliptic, quite noticeable on a horizon calendar. Remember that OOB Moon

can only occur when the Moon is near the Solstice degrees. The maximum separation from the

ecliptic happens when the Moon is around 5 degrees of Cancer or Capricorn. Each Month there

will be two three-day periods when the Moon “stands-still” at the Solstice zone.

These days are like Mercury retrograde on steroids, with a dose of maverick Uranus mixed in.

Many revolutionary and out of the box events can prevail. One of my keywords for the OOB

Moon phenomenon is unassimilable.

2) Today also is the yearly Solar conjunction with the royal star Regulus, the heart star of the Lion

constellation. In 2011-2013 Regulus began to align with the sign of Virgo. Rudhyar, among

others, saw this as one of the indicators of the Aquarian Age. Our school proposes 1962-2034 as

the greater zone of the Turning of the Ages, with 1998 as the midpoint. Regulus is a great

symbol of autonomy and sovereignty for men and women. Much attention has been recently

placed on the 8/8 Lions-gate that derives from the heliacal rise of Sirius. The Solar conjunction

with Sirius was on July 4. Sirius was super important to the Egyptian mystery school teachings

that have been overlaid on the United States. These teachings were hijacked long ago, and for

which I have some skepticism. Certainly, in these times, Regulus has more to offer than Sirius,

on Turtle Island.

3) Last but not least: Mars, having just moved into Gemini, is conjoining the Pleiades. For

Australia, Polynesia, and the entire Americas, it is the Pleiades that is the greatest source of

inspiration. For example, the starting point of the Long Count was backdated to the alignment of

the Pleiades with the Vernal Equinox. For me personally, Sirius feels hierarchical and too

technological, whilst the Pleiades are more egalitarian and gylanic, it feels more human. 

Let’s make a point to tune into Regulus, as well as Mars, now directing our attention to the “central Sun”

of a great part of the world.

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