An Important Eclipse Season and the Saturn/Uranus Square Accelerates

Ramblings, Reflections and Ruminations — November New Moon

By Daniel Giamario


The Eclipse Season

Every year has two eclipse seasons, about six months apart.  The second season of 2021 has a partial lunar eclipse and a total solar eclipse.  I have always been fascinated by eclipses, even, at times, referring to myself as an “eclipse junkie.”  I have been fortunate to see two total solar eclipses, four annular solar eclipses, and have lost count of how many total lunar eclipses.  I have always been fascinated by the ancient Sumerian view that your “age” was based on how many eclipse seasons you have experienced rather than solar years (therefore twice the number of solar years).  Let’s examine this eclipse season from November 19th through December 4th and the two eclipses.

Friday, November 19th at 12:57AM PST at 27Taurus14:  Partial Lunar Eclipse.  Although technically a partial, actually it’s really close to a total, it’s 97.4% total!  It will be visible over North America and most of the Pacific Ocean regions.  The whole show takes nearly six hours!  This is a North Node eclipse and presages the, soon to be, entrance of the transiting North Node into Taurus on January 18, 2022.  Although all eclipses counsel to always be aware of the “shadow,” personally and collectively, North Node eclipses contain more of a sense of looking ahead and moving forward. And, lunar eclipses are “Super Full Moons” as our school uses the term.  This eclipse also features Mars and Mercury in Scorpio together with the Sun, and will also presage the rise of Mars in Scorpio from out of the Underworld on November 22nd at the 15Scorpio, the cross-quarter degree.


Saturday, December 3rd at 11:43PM PST at 12Sagittarius22:  Total Solar Eclipse.  This eclipse occurs far South mainly over Antarctica and is a shorter one; one minute and 55 seconds of totality.  This eclipse is with the South Node, placing a greater emphasis on the personal and collective past of global humanity.  In the paradigm of the school this is a “Super New Moon” and a time for planting seeds of intention for at least the next six months.  However, I think that this eclipse is presaging something far more important.  During 2021 I have spent a lot of time researching the United States chart in light of the “Fourth Turning.”  I have also detailed the four eclipse paths that crisscross the US from 2012-2024.  See my previous articles on this HERE.  The New Moon/Eclipse degree is 12Sagittarius 22, almost exactly the degree of the US Ascendant of 13Sagittarius10, as rectified by Dane Rudhyar.  I really get the sense that this South Node Super New Moon Solar Eclipse is putting a really bright cosmic spotlight on the Pluto return, the Chiron return, and the Neptune opposition to Neptune on the United States Chart.  This will totally involve the upcoming eclipses over the US in 2023 and 2024, which also directly connect to the US chart.  I think that this solar eclipse places lots of emphasis on the shadow and light of the Sagittarius Mystery School, certainly for the United States, but also for the entire world.  The light of Sagittarius is the quest for meaning and purpose, a love of truth, and well-founded optimism for the future.  The shadow is various forms of fundamentalism and the desire to impose a “belief” in a truth on everyone else.  The deeper essence of Sagittarius, in my view, is the courage to not be attached to “a truth,” as it’s actually a moving target.  I am reminded of a favorite William Blake poem.

“He who binds to himself a joy, does the winged Life destroy;

He who kisses the joy as it flies, lives in Eternity’s sunrise.”

I greatly appreciate the Sabian symbols of my first astrological mentor, Dane Rudhyar.  What he writes about 13degrees of Sagittarius is quite amazing in light of what I have written here.  Here it is:


KEYNOTE: The karma of past actions as it affects opportunities presented by a new cycle.

What the “widow’s past” is remains obscure but the point is that even as a past cycle is closed — a phase of married life ends — the karma of whatever deeds or misdeeds this cycle witnessed will almost inevitably intrude into the new life period. Also, once a cycle of activity is concluded, much that was unclear or unconsciously motivated in the events it witnessed can now more easily come to the clear consciousness of the mind. It is possible to joyously herald the dawn from high above the actual stresses of existence (the preceding symbol), but the new day may be found loaded and darkened by the unfinished business of many a yesterday.

This is the third stage of the fifty-first five-fold sequence. Mankind is “the widow,” because our soon-to-be-concluded Piscean Age has buried most of the ideals it once revered and proclaimed. Yet the New Age will have to deal with many oppressive ghosts. This is a symbol of RETRIBUTION

The Saturn/Uranus Waning Square Accelerates.

There is so much to unpack during this lunation.  The most important global aspect of 2021 is the triple (waning) square of Saturn to Uranus.  So far there have been two exact squares: February 17th at 7Aquarius13/7Taurus13, and June 14th at 13Aquarius07/13Taurus07.  The third one happens December 24th at 11Aquarius05/11Taurus05.  There is very nearly an exact fourth square in September-October of 2022!  This is a truly significant transit.  It is a process that began with the Saturn/Uranus conjunction of February 1988.  The previous conjunction was in 1942.

I perceive these days surrounding, and following, the Scorpio New Moon, to be a pivotal turning point in the universal intent of this global planetary process.  Here is why:

This past Saturday, October 30th, the Sun squared Saturn at 2:53AM PDT at 7Scorpio12/7Aquarius12.  Notice how close these degrees are to the February square (almost exact!).  Also on Saturday, October 30th, Mars, while still in the Underworld, entered into Scorpio.

The Scorpio New Moon happens at 2:15PM Wednesday November 4th, at 12Scorpio40.  Certainly this New Moon signifies a turning point.  (We will have additional posts about this New Moon).  Amazingly, a few hours later, the Sun reaches its yearly opposition with Uranus at 4:58PM PDT at 12Scorpio48/12Taurus48.  Again, notice the degrees, and especially if you have anything important on your natal chart near these degrees in the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius.

Almost as footnotes, we can also add to the great cosmic drama of the clash of planets the following:  Mercury enters Scorpio on Friday, November 5th.  And, then on November 10th Mercury and Mars are conjunct, whilst Mars still in the Underworld at 7Scorpio22.  In addition the exact Samhain cross quarter is on November 6th (15 Scorpio), the degree that Mars rises from the Underworld on November 22nd.  Mars, now so very much a part of the Saturn square Uranus situation, will square Saturn on November 10th at about 7Scorpio40, and then will be in opposition to Uranus on November 17th at 12Scorpio15.  Think of it as a long-lasting T-Square with Mars activating the already dynamic Saturn square to Uranus.

I see this as a full speed ahead to the intended result of the Saturn-Uranus triple square, just after the December Solstice.  Every time that there is the Aries synodic overtone of Mars, he will rise from the Underworld in Scorpio (most recently 1910, 1942, 1989 and now).  This happens November 22nd at the cross-quarter degree of 15Scorpio.  A really great pressure has been building up and will certainly continue.  Maybe you can see, why I do, that this is a great turning point.

My speculation involves the fate and/or destiny of the United States, and indeed, all of global humanity.  So much of what is happening is not as it seems in the mainstream.  I will not pretend to know what “Great Mystery” or Gaia, herself, has in mind at this time.  Much depends on the Aries god, for both Men and Women.  Will there be the capacity to surrender, change the game of 12,800 years, and to actually grieve, and see a new and different way forward?  With so much emphasis growing from the Scorpio Mystery School now, much also depends on the willingness to own and then integrate the shadow and the “mistakes” of global humanity’s recent history.  I can also see this as a decision, on a personal and collective level, to either choose to fulfill human 1.0, that represents our water based organic destiny, or to align with human 2.0, an artificial intelligence, silicon based, hunger for an unearned immortality.  I know well where I stand on this, but also totally advocate that every individual can have the freedom to choose their own course and to not impose their views on others.  We stand always for personal sovereignty and honoring all places on the wheel.  And always, to surrender to what Great Mystery is orchestrating.  We can only play our part, as best we can.  We must be awake, and remember what is at stake.  Hopefully, this is helpful, to be aware of the cosmic players that are instructing us.

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