An Investigation of the Astrological Chart of the United States – Part Four

By Daniel Giamario

September 7, 2022


In the first three parts of my investigation of the United States (US) chart, I explored the events of 2021.  I also looked at the US Pluto Return and it’s Neptune Opposition, with is square to Mars in Gemini.  I also took a look at the near future eclipses that will cut crisscross paths across the continental US in 2023 and 2024.  

In Part Four we will look into three situations:
1) Progressed Lunar Return and Progressed New Moon

2) Mars triple Square Neptune relative to the US chart

3) US Chart and the Ukraine chart: “High strangeness”

To note: I continue to use Dane Rudhyar’s rectification of the US Chart: July 4, 1776 at 5:13:55 PM in Philadelphia, PA. 


I generally use two kinds of progressions: one based on the 27.3 day, sidereal Lunar cycle; and the other based on the 29.5 day synodic Lunar cycle. The first of these to be explored here is the US Progressed Lunar Return.  The second is the US Progressed New Moon cycle.  

Progressed Lunar Return

The ninth Progressed Lunar Return to the US Moon at 27Aquarius12 happens on September 26, 2022.

Here are the dates of the previous eight:

August 1803; December 1830; November 1858; May 1886; October 1913; September 1940; January 1968; April 1995.   The 1995 event was just months away from a Progressed New Moon.

What is the intent of a Progressed Lunar Return?  Whether working with the chart of an individual or of a country, I think this event is a referendum on how the Moon is being utilized. Meaning, the “right” use of the Moon as per the chart intent. In our TOTAMS astrological paradigm, the lineage story line of the United States is the Gemini (3rd house) version of the Aquarius Mystery School.  This lineage features a great deal of egalitarian idealism, as well as a sense of entitlement.  

Among the many shadow expressions of Aquarius is democracy.  In the case of the US, democracy was never the intent of the founders.  They in fact favored a constitutional republic and warned against democracy, which was viewed as the tyranny of the majority.  They also warned against a two-party system of government.  

Clearly the US Mars in Gemini has overridden the intent of the founders!  Add to this the fact (house position of the South Node) that the lineage of the US was the Gemini major in the Aquarius Mystery School.  

If one were to do an extensive study of what happened to the US in its previous Progressed Lunar Returns, an interesting pattern emerges.  I will mention four of the returns here: 1) 1858, just before the Civil War;  2) 1913, just before WWI and the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank;  3) 1940, just before WWII; and 4) 1968, just before the RFK and MLK assassinations and the deep state hijack of the Democrat Party.  I would suggest that each was the victory of bifurcation, as well as the subversion of the original intent of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.  In other words, the failure to uphold the original ideals and instead witness the victory of “Aquarian” exceptionalism and elitism, combined with a profound detachment and obliviousness to the suffering that the US hegemony has inflicted on the world.  

Also seen here is the current delusional Aquarian belief in “the greater good” and a bogus utilitarianism.  This is quite a bit different than the more authentic (as in, non-hijacked) Aquarian ideals of uniqueness and individuality.  

What will this ninth Lunar referendum reveal?  It’s interesting to note that three progressed Lunar Returns in a row add up to approximately 82 years.  Three Progressed New Moons in a row equate to 88-89 years.  It’s pretty easy to recognize the relationship with the Fourth Turning data.  The US experienced Fourth Turnings at the Civil War, just before WWII, and now, with the projected end being 2024-2025.


The eighth progressed New Moon for the US is March 24, 2024.  Here are the previous ones, including the one occurring before July 4, 1776, and the next one, after 2024.

September 20, 1757    25Gemini24

March 23, 1787            23Cancer32

October 26, 1816         21Leo52

June 28, 1846                20Virgo36

March 15, 1876             19Libra50

December 4, 1905        19Scorpio34

August 13, 1935            19Sagittarius48

March 29, 1965             19Capricorn50

October 13, 1994          19Aquarius51     Lunar return is April 1995

March 24, 2024             19Pisces26           US Chiron Return and Chironic Solar Eclipse soon follows

August 5, 2053               18Aries28

The intent of a Progressed New Moon differs significantly from the Progressed Lunar Return.  Unlike the lunar return wherein the entire emphasis is on the Moon – its lineage story line and aspects –  the Progressed New Moon is a seed point for the next 29.5 years!  This seeding time can potentially create an opportunity for a great new beginning, and the intention for something completely new.  

Ideally, this new vision should correspond with the life purpose storyline of the United States.  To elaborate, this would include a re-visioning of the Sagittarius (ninth house) version of the Sagittarius Ascendant. Also, the US Mars in Gemini (square Neptune) figures prominently.  More about that later in this article.  

The highest intent of the Sagittarius job in the Sagittarius tribe is the “Love of Truth”, with a willingness to honestly quest for meaning and purpose.  This is not to be confused with the Sagittarian shadow, which is almost always connected to some form of fundamentalism.  When the shadow of Gemini is added to this, what we find instead can be a sophistry that makes a lie of the honest seeking of truth.  I can summarize this with a great Gemini quote: “The truth? Why the truth is simply an excuse for a lack of imagination.” (Spoken by Garick the tailor on an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space 9)

My personal hope is that the curiosity and lack of dogma of Gemini can fuel the Sagittarian quest for truth, meaning and purpose without the shadow of fundamentalism.  In other words, inspiring the seeding of a vision appropriate for a grand reset. 

It is indeed significant that the Lunar Return occurs prior to the Progressed New Moon.  A further wish: may the wrong use of the US Lunar lineage be fully composted with the Pluto Return process, so that the Chiron Return in 2024 can allow authentic healing to happen, along with the creation of the space and context for the grieving that is so very necessary.  Out of this could emerge a true rebirth.  

Another factor that I covered in Part One of this investigation is the Saturn transit to the US Moon from June 4, 2022—February 11, 2023, yet another indicator of the referendum on the US Moon.  Of course, the remarkable equivalency of three Progressed New Moons and Three Saturn Returns (88-89 years) cannot be overlooked.

I am inviting others who read this to follow up with additional research to reveal the seeding attempts that might have occurred in previous Progressed New Moon cycles, and to compare that with what actually manifested.


Recently, Erik Roth and I presented another of our seminars on the current Mars synodic overstory.  One of the most important highlights was the triple square of Mars to Neptune.  The three exact squares are:

October 11, 2022        with Mars at 23Gemini21 and Neptune at 23Pisces21 


November 19, 2022    with Mars at 22Gemini41 and Neptune at 22Pisces41

March 14, 2023            with Mars at 25Gemini04 and Neptune at 25Pisces04

Mars is in the sign of Gemini for over seven months—August 20, 2022—March 25, 2023

While there are many important features of this phase of the Mars overstory, the focus in this article is the remarkable connection with the United States chart.  

The United States Mars is 21Gemini22, squaring Neptune at 22Virgo25. Part Three of this exploration was titled “The Neptune and Gemini Factor” and examined the second-only Neptune opposition to natal Neptune, from March 3, 2021 to December 4, 2022.  This important transit, on par with the Pluto return, also strongly amplified the natal square with Neptune.  I see the same initiatory window applying to Neptune square to Mars.  It’s the first two of the squares, in October and November, that get the most attention, occurring during the culmination of the entire process.

The gestational time frame, akin to a human conception, of the beginning of the Gemini Mars synodic overstory is from August 20, 2022 through December 7, 2022.  The Gemini Mars overstory is somewhat rare, last happening in 1990, 1943, and 1928.  Pondering those dates alone can inspire remarkable insights.  You can learn about the Mars Gemini overstory HERE.

I have interpreted the US Mars in Gemini to, among other things, symbolize the tendencies to bifurcate, as represented by Red states vs Blue states, the Two Party paradigm, the Civil War etc.  Also, as recognized by many others in addition to myself, a symbol of the Puer (eternal youth) nature of America.  The shadow of that archetype, amplified by the Neptune square, can be a delusional form of immaturity including a failure to face objective reality where one lives in a fantasy realm disconnected from Middle World issues.  This can easily connect into the shadow of the Aquarian and Sagittarian idealism, which is so strongly present on the US natal chart.

The first two squares on October 11 and November 19 book-end the US election, following on the heels of the Progressed Lunar Return.  And lest it not be forgotten, Mars turns retrograde on October 30 at 25Gemini36, remaining retrograde until January 12, 2023.  Stationary direct happens at 8Gemini07, quite close to Bulls-eye Aldebaran. Yet another factor to consider is that Mars will be out of bounds starting October 23, remaining so until May 5, 2023. When considering the US election, Venus will be in the Underworld AND there is a Total Lunar Eclipse on that day!  I suspect that this will be an extremely important junction to determine whether the US will remember its destiny, or be forced to confront its fate.

In summary, it is quite astonishing that the second-only Neptune opposition (amplifying the square to Neptune) is reaching its crescendo, just as a Mars triple square with Neptune begins, highlighting the same degrees!  Equally astonishing is the gestation and birthing of the Mars in Gemini overstory in the very same window of time, perhaps ensuring that the US Mars is Gemini is not overlooked.


The charts of the Ukraine and their sixth president Volodymyr Zelenskyy reveal surprising links with the horoscope of the US.  

To note: I am using the 1991 chart of the Ukraine.

The connections of the Ukraine chart with the US include these important features:

  1. US Pluto conjunct the Ukraine ASC and Pluto transit to both
  2. US and the Ukraine Aquarius Moons in Major Saturn cycles
  3. The US Mars square to the Ukraine Mars, with both in Neptune transits
  4. US Sun conjunct the Ukraine South Node
  5. US South Node conjunct the Ukraine Saturn
  6. US and the Ukraine Mercury both retrograde
  7. Both countries have Sun conjunct Venus in the Underworld…the Ukraine Venus is also retrograde.
  8. The Ukraine Neptune in opposition to the US Sun.
  9. The Nodal axis is aligned with the US ASC/DSCS axis.

I am sure more can be discerned in comparing the charts, but certainly this is already a lot to consider.  Perhaps we should not be so surprised at these very challenging connections and major initiatory processes.  In many ways, particularly since the CIA-generated coup of 2014, the Ukraine has been a creation of the West.  Their fates seem intertwined.  The money laundering, bio-labs and child trafficking are difficult to hide.  An honest astrological assessment certainly can show the “composting” and dismembering of the Ukraine, so reminiscent of the US chart.  The same major Pluto, Saturn, and Neptune cycles are happening to both.  The karmic links are also quite profound.  

We must have great compassion for the average Ukrainian and Russian peoples living in “The Borderland” (the actual translation of the Ukraine), who are the collateral damage of the shenanigans of the United States and their “Western” allies.

The plot thickens even more when considering the chart of Volodymyr Zelenskyy.  Some notable features include:

  1. Z’s ASC conjunct US Mars in a Neptune cycle
  2. Z’s Saturn and North node conjunct the US Saturn
  3. Z’s Sun/Venus conjunction in the Underworld conjunct the US Cancer stellium of Venus/Sun/Jupiter
  4. Z’s Neptune on US Ascendant
  5. Saturn conjunct Z’s MC and opposition to Leo Moon
  6. Z’s Mars, Moon, and Saturn conjoining the Ukraine’s Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Chiron
  7. Z’s MC conjunct the Ukraine Moon, in a Saturn cycle
  8. The Ukraine Moon square Z’s MC and IC.

Using the techniques of the TOTAMS astrological paradigm, Zelenskyy holds as his lineage the Aquarius job in the Leo Tribe…totally an entitled leader lineage: believing he is born to rule and immune from shadow elements.  His masculine archetype is Leo in the month of Aquarius, which is pretty much the same thing.  His Venus is in the underworld in Aquarius; not a happy position for his love life.  His current life purpose story line is the Leo job in the Gemini tribe (remember his ASC is the same degree as the US Mars).  This combination reveals the mythic story line of an entitled clown/entertainer prince, which is exactly what he has been and still is: the clown entertainer prince of the US and the collective West. One can have compassion for him, but he has been granted many benefits for playing his role so well: multiple mansions around the world, many passports, and a seemingly infinite drug supply.  No doubt, his usefulness is coming to an end.

Zelenskyy is currently in a hugely important phase in his personal cycles.   Along the timeline of his life, in addition to the Neptune cycle to Mars and the Saturn cycle to his MC, he is in his Saturn opposition to Saturn phase (also through 2023) and his Uranus square Uranus cycle.  This is when an individual takes stock of his life and can complete a life phase, so as to mature to a new level of life purpose. This time is a veritable second puberty.  New careers, new relationships, and even a new self can emerge. Were I to be his astrologer, I would advise him to get out of his current role as soon as possible, and create a new life elsewhere. Otherwise, he is likely to be scapegoated and drown in the debris of the US Pluto return.

  As noted psychopath Henry Kissinger once said: “To be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal.” 

For all these astrological reasons, and so many more, these next three to four months are likely to be EPIC in every possible connotation of that world.  Be aware and be vigilant!

Stay tuned for a PART FIVE concerning the 2024 fifth Chiron Return.

With editing assistance by Barbara Taylor

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