Aquarius, Oh Aquarius, We Hardly Know You

March 4, 2024 | by Daniel Giamario |

Maximum Out-of-Bounds Moon

On Monday, March 4, the Moon in late Sagittarius is not only aligned with the Galactic Center, but also at an extreme out-of-bounds declination of 28S18. Being in the Lunar Standstill season now, this means that the Moon can actually occult (cover over) the Galactic Center – something the Sun can never do.

  • Over here in Asia we can see this around 3-4am on the morning of the 5th.
  • In Western North America just before sunrise on the 4th.
  • In Europe after moonrise in the middle of the night of the 5th.

Check your local area for when the Moon is in the range of 25-30Sagittarius. The Moon rises just before midnight. It’s a great time to witness this rare occurrence.




The outlined situation reminds me of several things. Aquarius is on my mind, as well as the US natal chart. Venus and Mars in Aquarius are approaching the natal US Moon of 27Aquarius12. Pluto, now back in Aquarius, is on the minds of many.  I am even seeing, yet again, lots of Age of Aquarius glamour. That is strange.

Pluto by sign intends to expose the shadow of that sign. See my numerous videos and articles on this subject, especially “The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius, What? … Again?” which is part of our classic The Turning of The Ages playlist on You Tube.

The US chart has Sagittarius rising. The Pluto and Chiron returns are on-going!


It is about the constellation, NOT the sign!


My earliest teacher was Dane Rudhyar, the animator of my life. He had an Aquarius Moon and Sagittarius Rising, and was born in a previous Lunar Standstill season. In his book “The Pulse of Life”, written first in 1943 and updated in 1970, he said the following:

“It is fashionable these days to sing the praise of the noble Aquarian. This is understandable because mankind is passing through a period of swift transition and social repolarization. The feudal and bourgeois structures of European civilization are being shattered by the attacks of aroused destroyers. People feel the need of the change, even if their conscious minds resist it desperately. That Capricornian conservatism is doomed, everyone in his senses knows; but the privileged class and the guardians of religious traditions cannot let go of the keys to an order, the destruction of which obviously must mean their destruction and temporary chaos. In Europe, war is achieving what revolution began; but in America the issue between reform or revolution seems still to be open. Reform in the hands of the finest Aquarians would mean a return to the breadth of vision of Sagittarian America, to her moral sense and her healthful eagerness for big adventures and religious dreams. Revolution would mean that Sagittarian values in America have become so crystallized in the hands of negative Capricornians, that nothing but the destruction of these shells can enable us to discover the “still, small voice” of the Christos, of the New Life.”

A great number of astrologers still have very little awareness that the “Age of Aquarius” is about the constellation, and NOT the sign – which are very different things. Rudhyar here is referring to the sign, very likely the most misunderstood sign in the entire Zodiac.

Aquarius, the sign, is the one most prone to light-polarization and spiritual bypassing. The clearest expression of the Aquarian shadow is its belief that there is no shadow! Pluto can easily make compost out of that foolishness. But in my view, the greater problem with Aquarius is that it has recently forgotten about its resonant polarity, Leo, the sovereign self, which was not an issue in the 60’s. The collective or group, without individuality and sovereignty, becomes the globalist borg-like hive mob majority, the egregore, selling out to the collective, enthralled by democratic ideals, but in actuality controlled by the Capricornian shadow.


The Two Waves


Meanwhile, that symbol of the sign, the two waves: We have been led to believe that it represents electricity and technology. But based on the constellation, it is WATER – the water of life poured on the Earth by Divine Love. What if what is being poured from the water jar are rivers of plasma, designed to compost the hubris of technology that has outstripped the values, ethics, and spirituality of contemporary global humanity?! Maybe that is the revolution …


As we traverse this window of time with the out-of-bounds Moon at Galactic Center, let’s ponder these things deeply, looking beyond consensus reality, questioning everything, and thinking for ourselves!

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