Anyaa McAndrew

: Certified in 1998

: Western North Carolina

Astrologer Bio

I'm a transpersonal psychotherapist by profession, and Shamanic Astrology is my go-to personality theory, a resource for my clients in knowing what archetypes they carry, what time it is in their lives (transits) and their complexes through all the developmental levels (in childhood a challenge, in young adulthood their places of growth, and in later adulthood an indication of their gifts). I also have a separate Shamanic Astrology practice, and my readings are fairly deep and psychologically oriented, so if you are looking for another kind of reading, I'm likely not your astrologer! I believe in relationship and partnership as a path to working through our shadow material on the way to our Divine Manifestation in this lifetime, and I enjoy working with couples' charts. At present I am semi-retired, so I have limited availability, but I would enjoy working with you if you are flexible!

We can do Zoom, or if you live close enough, I welcome you to come to my home and temple for a session/reading.


I have a master's degree in counseling and have been in practice for 46 years. I'm also a priestess and have facilitated circles of women for 23 years. I love the personal journey and the journey of the couple and am certified in several modalities of couples' work. I maintain my SA certification, and my psychotherapy license, as well as a national counseling certification.


I have had a Shamanic Astrology practice since 1998, have known Daniel as a close friend since 1985, and we have co-facilitated 7 trips to the Celtic/pre-Celtic lands of Scotland, Ireland, England (Avebury) and Wales. I look forward to the time when we can travel freely again!