Dana Zia

: Certified in 2019

: Based in Friday Harbor, WA

Astrologer Bio

I have been studying astrology for 30 years and practicing for 10 years as a certified Shamanic Astrologer.

I first was introduced to Astrology when I was 28 years old, before my first Saturn return. The lovely man that did the reading, with an old fashion hand drawn chart that I still have, impacted me profoundly. He kept stressing the Pluto transit I had coming and I was young, in love and tra-la-la-ing my way along. Then at the exact time that the transit started, I experienced everything he told me that I might encounter. It was an intense wakeup call and an eye opener to astrology.

Shortly after that in 1989, I moved to Maui where I met the founder of Shamanic Astrology (SA), Daniel Giamario, and started taking classes from him. The classes and information I was learning sang in my very core and quickly became part of my life’s path. I took as many classes possible from him and received many readings from him as well. I infused myself with his teachings. Even after I left Maui in ’95, I kept learning about astrology from every interesting form that called to me, but I was a single mom and it took a back seat.

Fast forward to 2012, when I had a few major transits and life events happen, I returned once again to intensely studying SA from Daniel and the co-founder of SA, Cayelin Castell. At this same time, I started giving SA readings far and wide. I have devoted myself to the art and science of it ever since.

After many years of practicing as a massage therapist and now as an astrologer, I love working with others to help them find their own North Star. It never ceases to amaze me the absolute magic and synchronicity that coalesces out of doing astrology readings for others! Your chart is a map that was chosen by your higher self at your birth and has the fingerprint of your higher purpose and pathways. Interpreting this map with you is a great honor.


Lots! Astrology is such a deep and wide ocean to dip into that I feel that I will always be excited about learning more. I primarily have studied with Shamanic Astrology AKA TOTEMS. I have also studied with Gemini Brett, Steven Forest, Rick Levine, Lynn Bell, and many more. I have been fascinated and engaged in learning astrology for over 30 years.


I have been giving professional readings now for 10 years with an emphasis on it the last 7.