Gael Chilson

: Certified in 1999/Past Council Member

: Sahuarita AZ

Astrologer Bio

I met Daniel Giamario in 1989 and went on my first astrological vision quest in Sedona. I was hooked. Attended as many of Daniel's events as I could. When he told me he had started the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School and was going to certify people in being Shamanic Astrologers, I said "Sign me up!" I completed the courses in 1999 and became the third to do so.

Since then I have been granted a special "5th Degree" certification that acknowledges my experience in teaching the Night Sky Cosmology.

I have been a member of the Tucson Astrologers' Guild, Tucson, Arizona, since 1986, currently serving as President and active member of the steering circle.


I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Northern Arizona University.

I am also a Certified Practitioner and Teacher of Bio-Touch, granted by the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetic Touch Healing in Tucson, Arizona.