Mary Kern

: President of the TOTAMS Board of Directors

: Certified in 2013

Astrologer Bio

Born in the precise middle of the century, the middle of America, the middle of my family and with my Ascendant and Mars both between the pans of the Scale, my position seems to be that of the liminal seed person here to assist our transition at this "Great Turning of the Ages".

Unknowingly, I fulfilled the desires of my Taurus Moon, beginning adulthood as an art instructor, intrigued by the vast array of human expressions throughout history and cultures of humankind.  I was called to California where I married and was blessed with a family and opportunity to develop as an artist, art director and manage product development for two major companies in America—complete with dancing lessons from God; traveling to the far corners of our motte dot in space.

Midlife introduced me to subtle energy and I engaged in many forms of Yoga, pulled strongest to B.S.Iyengar's yoga therapy. Embracing advanced healing systems through holistic training in 2009-10, while healing from my own adventure with heavy metal poisoning, I made an easy transition to both non-dual Shivism, under the tutorship of Hareesh, Christopher Wallis, and Shamanic Astrology.  Covid gave opening to intuitive energy healing work with Cyndi Dale where soul work has brought me full circle to present and my Leo job in Scorpio Rising— with deep gratitude to all my teachers, guides, and Great Mystery.



SAMS, now TOTAMS: fully certified, 2013 graduate

BS Education from the University of NE, cum laude

Yoga Instructor, 500 RYT

Transformational Life Consultant, World School, San Francisco, CA, Graduate 750 hours

Living Light Culinary Institute, Nutrient Dense Living Food Chef and Certified Instructor, Ft Bragg, CA

Co-founder/Chief Leaf: Seed to Leaf Organic Restaurant, Santa Rosa, CA

Intuitive Energy Healing, Cyndi Dale, 2000-Present




TOTAMS provides a language, that gives a voice to sky just as geometry provides language to how energy manifests into form and music gives language to the emotions of the soul

It is a study of the celestial cycles and how our individual lives are connected to the ever evolving story of collective consciousness.                                                                     My ongoing love affair with the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm has given me tools to know myself, my soul's intended purpose in this current life, my current initiatory cycles, as well as tools to help others to do the same. My related studies of life-force energy through yoga, non-dual Shivism, living, plant-based foods, martial arts, and energy healing have provided me the magic of experiencing the inter-relationship between the conscious mind, the unconscious mind, the physical body and the subtle body.                            My connection with the sky, especially during two trips to the Callanish Stone Circles (2014 and 2019), the transit of Venus over the Sun, HI (2011) and many times on the Arizona desert with our founder and star tribe, has shown me magic and a deeper connection to Great Mystery.  My current studies with intuitive healer, Cyndi Dale has shown me how to activate and connect with our ever-present portal to co-create with the divine while experiencing our own essence.