: Fully Certified in 2022

: Based in Garberville, California

Astrologer Bio


Shiva is a forever curious soul who was born and raised in far eastern places, where the sky and its mysteries have been revered for thousands of years before modern cultures lost its ancient knowledge and the ways of nature. She traveled in her late teenage years to the west, where the ancient seeds of knowledge within her reached a fertile ground and reawakened with the teachings of many great minds, specifically in astrology by her great teacher and mentor Daniel Giamario, also inspired by the work of Dane Rudhyar, Caroline Casey and many others whom have dedicated their lives to the remembrance and sharing of this wisdom with our human family.

Prior to her deep dive in the mystical and natural science, she dedicated her university major to biological science and psychology, once she realized that modern science is not sufficient to understand the mysteries of life, she started her own research and studies in natural medicine, alchemy, organic farming, astrology, sacred geometry, numerology, ancient Vedic rituals, Sivananda Yoga lineage and Vipassana meditation as taught by Goenka.Turning of the ages Astrology is the synthesis that empowers all her modalities.Shiva is and will forever be humbly a student of life and her mysteries.