Silvianne K Delmars

: Certified in 2006

: Based in Western North Carolina

Astrologer Bio

I have come to act as a cosmic change agent at this unprecedented time of planetary transition. I believe that each of us has courageously chosen to be here on Earth at the ending and beginning of this 26,000 year cosmic cycle, and that we long to follow the path of our deepest soul destiny to help seed the living future.

I was first called to begin an immersion in astrology while on pilgrimage to Ireland in 2002, as a direct result of a sacred site initiation while visiting Newgrange. Little did I know that my world was about to radically change.  When I discovered Daniel's work in 2003 I knew that I had found my 'tribe' and within a few months was dedicated to making this my life's work. Propelled by the energy of change, I left my old life behind and moved to New Mexico that same year, where I spent 20 years informed by the awesome beauty of the land and the clear night skies. With New Mexico as my base, the last seven years of this time were spent traveling throughout the southwest in a van, deepening my relationship with the connection between Earth and Sky.

Yet another cycle of deep change overtook me in 2020. Following Spirit's call, I have left the nomadic life behind to begin again in another beautiful, sacred place -- the lush, green temperate rain forests of Western North Carolina.

My passion continues to be to inspire others to uncover and embody their own soul essence by exploring together in sacred space their personal archetypal mythology through the lens of TOTAMS Astrology. By understanding our individual astrological 'blueprint' -- and our current cosmic timings -- we can participate more consciously with the personal and planetary initiation cycles designed to help us unfold into greater consciousness and mastery.


Training as a Shamanic Priestess completed in 2004.
Master of Liberal Arts degree in Creation Spirituality from The Naropa Institute,


I have been sharing my gifts as an intuitive Tarot reader since 1997 and have been
a fully-initiated, practicing Shamanic Astrologer since 2006.