Astrological Highlights of The Next Two Weeks

March 19, 2023 | by Daniel Giamario |

March Equinox and New Moon Within Less Than 24 Hours

The March Equinox occurs at 2:24pm PDT on Monday March 20, followed by the Aries New Moon at 10:23am PDT at 0Aries50 the very next day. In ancient times, a New Moon so close to the Vernal Equinox was considered to be highly significant as it was seen to synchronize Lunar and Solar cycles. 

In the time-frame of 5000-6000 years ago many calendars from the Northern Hemisphere emerged that marked the March Equinox as the New Year.  In modern times, both astronomers and astrologers begin their circles at the Vernal Equinox and both call it 0Aries! 

An ancient way, used by the Egyptians among others, for determining whether a New Age had started, was observing the tiny crescent Moon closest to the March Equinox and easily seeing the stars that were present on that date. This phenomenon can be seen on the evening of March 22, when the tiny crescent Moon can first be spotted. You will see the stars of the Fish and Water Bearer constellations in the ubiquitous water area of the night sky. So much for the alleged ”Age of Aquarius” having anything to do with an air sign! Up to our current times both the Islamic and Hebrew Lunar calendars observe their New Year with the first observation of the tiny Lunar crescent closest to the Vernal Equinox. Surely March 20-23 carry more ceremonial import and power than any usual New Moon or March Equinox!

Pluto Enters Aquarius

On Thursday, March 23, at 5:13am PDT, Pluto makes its much anticipated, written and talked about first entrance into Aquarius since 1777. I will cover this topic in depth in our school’s second Equinox Seminar on March 20.

Moon Aligns With Venus: Fourth Chakra Gate/Portal Opens

Early Friday Morning, on March 24 at 3:31am PDT, the Moon aligns exactly with Venus. In North America the Moon will be below Venus on Thursday evening, and above Venus the following evening. Those of us in Asia will see a closer alignment on Friday evening.  The conjunction happens at 9Taurus, and signals the opening of the Fourth Chakra gate/portal of the evening star Venus-Capricorn synodic overstory. The Fourth Chakra is the Heart Chakra and the primary connection with God / Creator / Great Mystery / Christos-Sophia.  As the evening star phase, it represents a post underworld initiatory maturity, potentially empowering the heart opening and keeping alive our connection to our essential humanness, that is not anAhrimanic and materialistic hijack – that being a symptom of the bottoming out of Kali Yuga.

Mars Enters Cancer

After a good seven months in Gemini, Mars enters Cancer at 4:45am PDT on Saturday March 25. Zero Cancer is also the June Solstice degree, right in the middle of the Lakotan Sacred Hoop. This has been known as the “Silver Gate”.  Located between the horns of the Bull constellation and the feet of the Twins constellation, it as been seen by many cultures as where the soul enters into incarnation, travelling down the Milky Way (plane of the galaxy). This location in the sky may also be the origin of the sacred symbology of a circle with a cross within.

Considering that Mars is still in a long out-of-bounds time-frame, the marvelous possibility arises that both Mars and the sign of Cancer can receive an inspiration expanding far beyond the conventional and mainstream views currently being held about them.

Moon Aligns With Mars: Second Labor of Mars In The Gemini Mars Overstory

Close on the heels of the entrance of Mars into Cancer is the Moon’s alignment with Mars on March 28 at 6:19am PDT at 1Cancer29. In the Gemini Mars synodic overstory, this is the second labor/quest/challenge of Mars in phase 2 of the 25+ months synod. This is the time when Mars is seen moving across the evening sky for nearly a year, encountering challenges on his way to the Underworld. In 2023 this descent happens on September 30.

It’s interesting to imagine a somewhat youthful, and on the quest, man or woman, confronting the challenge of the Galactic Edge, with edgy new transmissions. This day also includes an extreme out-of-bounds Moon, in Cancer, 27N54 declination, well beyond 4 degrees from the ecliptic. By the end of 2023, the OOB Moon will travel beyond 28degrees, on its way to its maximum out-of-boundness in 2024-2025.

For further information about the OOB Moon and the Lunar Standstill, there is still time to be part of my collaboration with Gemini Brett in our Lunar Standstill Seminars.

Brigit/Spica Libra Full Moon

The Libra Full Moon happens on Wednesday, April 5, at 9:34pm PDT at 16Libra07.  This Full Moon has a significance not usually recognized. In ancient times, the star Spica, in the Priestess constellation, was a stellar stand-in for Venus, as a symbol of the yearly journey of the Sacred Feminine. 5000 years ago, the Full Moon closest to Spica (now at tropical longitude 24Libra) happened at the Imbolc cross-quarter (Feb.2), a day still seen as sacred to the goddess Brigid, who then became Saint Brigitte in Celtic Christianity. This was the Solar radiance of the Goddess. Its antipode was the descent of Spica into the Underworld later in the year. The Catholic Church has this fixed on the secular calendar as the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary on August 15. This is said to celebrate Mary’s ascent to heaven. 5000 years ago, the conjunction of the Sun with Spica happened then. Now the journey of Spica into the Underworld and her rise happen around the time of Samhain (Halloween). The precessional cycle is responsible for this change, as the modern secular calendar has forgotten about these ancient mysteries. We can celebrate this Full Moon with dedication to the radiance of the Sacred Feminine.

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