Beginner’s Corner – New Venus Cycle in Capricorn

By Sheridan Semple

Photo by Sheridan Semple

New Venus Cycle in Capricorn

Starts in January

Venus represents the Sacred Feminine in Shamanic Astrology. This is true of both Venuses – the planet and the Goddess. Both have had many names throughout history. The first written record we have is of the Goddess Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth, who represented Venus (the planet).

This story, written on clay tablets from ancient Sumer, recounts the path Venus takes through the sky, but told as Inanna’s journey into the underworld and back. Our beloved planet Venus, who has represented various Goddesses for millennia, teaches us about the Sacred Feminine within each one of us as well as around us in the world.

Your personal Venus archetype

The sign Venus was in at your birth, represents which aspect of the Divine Feminine you have come to learn about, embody, and help usher back into the world. Your sex makes no difference. We are all the union of the Feminine and the Masculine. We each have both within us. Venus and Mars are on all our charts, representing the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine we are all discovering and empowering within and without.

Venus has a unique pattern through the sky, in that it repeats itself, in nearly the exact same manner, every 19-months. The cycle begins when Venus rises in the morning sky, ahead of the sunrise. This is happening in January! We begin a new 19-month Venus cycle in the New Year, January 14th to be exact (or thereabouts). Generally, we say Venus can first be seen, with our eyes, once she moves 10 degrees away from the Sun. Depending upon your location and horizon line, this can happen earlier or later.

Venus in Capricorn

Venus has already moved into Capricorn and will remain there until the new cycle begins. This Venus cycle will have the overtone of Capricorn for the entire 19-months. Our understanding of the Sacred Feminine will be evolving within the context of Capricorn. Capricorn represents the wise, sage energy, the crone spirit, or the Native American idea of the Circle of Grandmothers. This new Venus cycle will be getting an infusion from the Grandmothers, who generously lead us and teach us who we are and how to be in this world. They show us how to care for ourselves, each other, and our beloved Mother Earth.

Capricorn has a “boots on the ground” energy to it. It is a practical archetype in its way of teaching us how to manage our energies, our communities and our relationship to the Earth. We are craving deeper connection to our ancestral ways of living in communion with the Earth.

We want to feel ourselves purposefully living within the greater whole of life, understanding our place within it. Following the Venus cycle is an excellent place to start. It not only gets you outdoors to watch her move through the sky, but it also empowers you to connect more deeply to your own Venus expression, your internal Divine Feminine and find your place within the greater whole.

Venus, Inanna and the 7 Chakras

Venus will move through the seven chakras twice during the 19-month cycle. This allows each of us an opportunity to clear, become more conscious of, and ultimately empower the areas of our lives that each chakra governs. We move through one chakra per month when the Moon conjoins (gets close to) Venus. It’s a powerful sight to witness. This is an excellent time to do ceremony, creating intentions for what you wish to work on within each chakra and within your feminine expression. Dive into this Venus cycle and see what it brings to you.

Where to learn more

An excellent place to begin understanding the entire cycle is through the original research our founder Daniel Giamario did on the Venus cycle. Here is the link to download an article he wrote in the 1990’s that kicked off Shamanic Astrology’s deep understanding of the Venus cycle and the profound impact honoring her cycle brings into our lives.

I encourage you to begin following the Venus cycle for yourself. Do ceremony. Get back in touch with your ancestral roots and connect to the brightest planet in our solar system. I promise your ancestors were doing this practice hundreds and thousands of years ago. It’s in your DNA, you just have to remember and reclaim it. We are all beings of the Earth and Sky. We are the union of the Feminine and the Masculine. Honoring the new Venus cycle will help to bring you one step closer to that union within.

Sheridan Semple

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