Beginner’s Corner with Sheridan – Astrology & Aromatherapy

By: Sheridan Semple

Using plant spirit medicine for your astrology chart

All too often we go to an astrologer, have this incredible, mind-blowing, life-affirming experience and then forget the gist of it within weeks. We lose the connection to how we’re going to implement this new knowledge into our day to day lives. I’ve had this experience, and not just with astrologers but energy healers, psychics, etc.

It’s as if we reach a higher vibration together, in the reading, and then we can’t get there when we’re back in the world, out on our own. It is frustrating, even disheartening. We went into the session to gain a greater understanding of ourselves and then we struggle to use what we’ve learned as a springboard into a more whole place within ourselves.

Certain plants have been associated with astrology for thousands of years. Most likely, since we first started looking to the sky to better understand ourselves, we have simultaneously looked to the earth for the same education and support. We would see connections between what was happening in the sky and what changes were taking place around us on the earth. It has and always will be a symbiotic relationship. We just have to remember to look.

Why astrology and aromatherapy?

Marrying the earth and the sky is my passion. Coming to Shamanic Astrology from a background as a Holistic Health Practitioner, it was natural for me to look at the plant medicines I was using for physical health and learn how I could expand that into the spiritual.

Plant medicines are always working on multiple levels: physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual. We may not have conscious awareness of this, but it is nonetheless true. Any physical symptom we deal with has emotional/mental and spiritual components. Another way to say this is plant medicines work on all three worlds within us as well: underworld, middle world, and celestial world. It’s all the same. As above, so below, as within, so without.

Knowing your astrology chart and understanding the three world themes within your natal chart doesn’t necessarily easily translate into navigating these worlds gracefully or even consciously.

This is where plant spirit medicine comes into help. Utilizing the consciousness within the medicine of the earth entrains you into the vibration of the earth, which contains the vibrations of all the archetypes present on your chart. It’s that simple and that profound.

If you’re feeling a desire or need to go deeper with the archetypal energies within yourself, the plants and the earth can help. Having a daily touchstone connects you more deeply into yourself and your archetypes.

It moves this understanding from an intellectual process into a physically energetic one. I have found it accelerates the process. You could use any of the earth’s medicines with which you personally resonate: herbs, crystals, stones, hugging a tree, flower essences, earthing, etc. The key is daily use, with intention.

I was taught aromatherapy by an old, traditional naturopath, whom I apprenticed with. He learned it back in the 60’s, long before it became popular. That’s my area of expertise, so I’ll share how to use spiritual aromatherapy, but you use anything that calls to you.

Spiritual aromatherapy

For my clients and students, I recommend using several drops at least once a day, every day. I personally use them several times per day. Anoint yourself, with intention. Make it a spiritual practice, a little ceremony, as part of each day. Meditating with the essences is extremely powerful. They are sentient beings, so talk to them. Welcome them into your life. Say hi. Introduce yourself.

Ask them to help you know your Mars or Venus sign better. Ask them to help you with the sign you are struggling to understand better within yourself. Ask them to support you with the Moon’s energies or any current cycles you are experiencing.

For example, I have Neptune squaring my natal Mercury in Gemini. I ask Douglas Fir to help me let go and be ok with learning that my mind can’t know it all. Douglas Fir (not even a real fir, a trickster energy) playfully and lovingly helps me to learn this lesson. It raises my vibration to connect into the essence of Gemini and brings me into the energy of my intention.

Here is a starter list, to get you going. There are many essences you could use for each sign. There are also essences for each of the different planets. It’s limitless what you can do when you begin to marry different vibrations together that bring you more into the vibration of your Soul. Enjoy! Let me know how it goes!

Aries – Red Pine: passionate grounding and standing in one’s power

Taurus – Rose: sensual pleasure and lover

Gemini – Douglas Fir: trickster and playful

Cancer – Pinon Pine: unconditional mother love

Leo – Ylang Ylang: radical self-love promotor

Virgo – White Sage: spiritual connector and cleanser

Libra – Rhododendron: helps us find our spiritual family, conscious equal partnerships

Scorpio – Vetiver: a root that guides us gently through the underworld

Sagittarius – Laurel Leaf: truth seeker and courage grower

Capricorn – Frankincense: ancient wisdom keeper

Aquarius – White Pinecone: opens our pineal and connects us to cosmic consciousness

Pisces – Yarrow: deep blue essence that holds our hearts in the heart of Spirit

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