Cancer New Moon – July 2021

by Levi Banner

The New Moon is in the sign of Cancer, exact on July 10 at 1:16am UTC.

This is a special one for your connections, both in community and in relationships.

The emotional sign of Cancer roots down like a new seed at this lunar cycle. As you make your own New Moon intentions and create a ceremony to invoke your desires, I suggest you include Cancerian concerns and qualities for the best results. Then as you tune in with this water sign during the lunation, you’ll more easily feed and nourish these seeds into a delicious fruition.

Cancer is the sign of community, family, tribe and building connections for the long term.

To be in a deeply connected heart space and truly care for loved ones are Cancerian qualities. Cancer is a mother archetype, or father, someone that takes care of, nurtures and responds to the need for nourishment. Like a mother to their child, a teacher to their student, or a counselor to their client.

Though any person with enough Cancer energy has to learn that one has to care of themselves before taking care of others. You cannot give what you do not have so if you are not feeling fully one hundred percent, then you cannot truly give your all.

This new moon you might ask yourself: How can I full up my own cup? What seeds can I take responsibility for and fully care for? Who are my kin? How can I deepen my connection to community? Where is home? Where is it safe to just be me?

Now is a time to fill up your own cup so much that it is overflowing and you can then give from this overabundance spilling over the sides.

Now is a time to gather in community, care for each other and show up with compassion. We are facd with knowing who are kin truly is. Who we hold dear and feel safe around. With so much division on the planet right now this seems amplified more than ever before.

Another shadow version of Cancer is only loving those close to you. Keeping things clandestine with your own clan isn’t the most open way to love.

Especially now as we are witnessing and experiencing an opportunity for a much wider range of connection to our fellow humans on global scale. Ideally at this point we can expand our range of love and see each other all as one human family.

We are all in this together.

Cancer loves to feel needed and contribute to projects in a way that supports the outcome.

Cancer looks to nourish a seed until it’s full expression. To support a seed to fruition. To contribute in a way that aids growth.

This New Moon is about these things in your intimate family and friend life and also on a more grand scale. Each relationship is a part of a family, each family is a part of a community, each community is a part of this one human family, the human species is a part of the whole earth. Let’s all make our caring contribution to the greater whole.

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