Capricorn Full Moon – July 2021

~by Levi Banner

The Full Moon is in Capricorn, the sign of foundational, consistency aimed at lasting for generations. At its best, Capricorn is an expert with the respect from the community and the responsibility it takes to make solid forms that last lifetimes.

Any Full Moon is a great time to experience the fruits of your labors if you planted seeds of intention two weeks ago at the New Moon.

When in Capricorn, it’s good to have the richest soil prepared to allow for the deepest roots. This will allow the seeds to grow into massive trees.

Remember the mighty oak tree comes out of a mere acorn. It just takes time and the correct conditions to realize its potential.

So now you can see:

Consistency is the key to be free.

Did you do the work to feel fruition right now? Or are you seeing that you lacked followthrough or even the foundation to begin?

This Capricorn Full Moon illuminates the choices you make and the integrity of following through on commitments.

Tuning into the moon’s constant rhythms and practical wisdom can help ground you and integrate the lessons.

Make your choices based on facts and if you can honestly say that what you put your effort into will have the consistency to sustain itself longterm. You know?! Practice makes perfect and all of that… You might recognize that now.

So if you stepped into your most responsible and practical self and set your goals from this place, then our efforts might be blossoming and blooming into some delicious fruits about now. Enjoy them!

Capricorn can also overcommit, take too much on or over identify with their caregiver roles. At it’’s best, Capricorn is more of a wise elder that is watching everything grow around them as they’ve done the work it takes to delegate tasks to others. That’s what this Full Moon is about. Enjoy It!

The Full Moon is exact at 2:39am Bali Time on June 25 in 3 degrees of Capricorn. Though it’s really a three day window, the day before and the day after. Anytime within this window is a great time to do your ceremony, meditations, or journaling to tune into the lunar wisdom.

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