Capricorn New Moon – January 2020

By Levi Banner

The new moon on January 13 is in the sign of Capricorn. The moon always meets the sun at a new moon and this time it’s very close to the very place in the sky that the major conjunctions of 2020 happened with Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter.

Yikes! Perhaps this could mean we are examining what we’ve learned from all of that madness and meltdown of structure, so that we can move on.

Capricorn has gone through a full death and rebirth by now. All the old Capricorn, be it old paradigm ways of doing things, have been composted.

Old paradigm patriarchal structure? Restrictions of our freedom? Messing up the environment for human comfort? …

…That is so 2020.

This new moon is the best time to plant seeds for the year. Capricorn is the soil, dirt, roots of a tree. The foundation for the future.

Now we start this new year with a fresh perspective on what’s actually possible to co-create. Only now, from the other side of that dramatic year: The new world begins now!

This new moon is a mark in the calendar for new ways of humanity to formulate and become. Or to say in another way: Now we have an opportunity to learn from what has been done in the recent past, and move on to more sustainable, practical and healthy solutions for the future.

The future depends on our choices in this new year. This new moon is the very beginning of a new world.
2021 features some very dynamic alignments. January begins that. Our first month on the calendar features some high points that start us off full steam ahead.

Uranus goes direct on January 14 making it so ALL major planets are moving forward. This will last 16 days until Mercury goes retrograde from January 30-February 20. Then, all planets are direct again for another 66 days!

All planets moving forward happens much less often than many planets going retrograde.

Retrograde is not bad. Forward is not good. Both can be either depending on one’s personal experience. It’s more complicated than that. Though, I can say all planets moving forward at the beginning of the year, many of which are in Aquarius is a very telling sign that we are full force moving on from where we were, to where we are going.

It can indeed be very intense when everything is moving forward at once. There’s nothing stopping the evolutionary energies of the planets.

Uranus gong direct is also a telling sign, because it’s is a key feature, the main feature in fact, of 2021. So it’s fitting that Uranus is the last to go direct and marks all moving onwards.

Uranus is the planet of abrupt changes, radical shifts and novel moments in time. In Taurus, the sign of the physical, earthly, pleasures and enjoyment. Having Uranus there brings a radical and revolutionary tone to the way we use our bodies, relate personally to nature and the environment.

Uranus will be squared by Jupiter this month and Saturn three times this year. Plus Mars will also conjunct it month as well. All are major activations of this revolutionary alignment of Uranus in Taurus.

Mars squares Saturn the day before on January 13 which helps begin this astounding setup of intense alignments.

Mars is the embodied sacred masculine when in Taurus. He moved into this sign recently after being in Aries for 6 months. Now in a dynamic alignment with Saturn, the planet of structure, form and boundaries. Both will have a dynamic alignment with Uranus very soon. In fact, Mars will come into contact or conjunct Uranus on January 20. Mars being the sacred masculine and Uranus being the abrupt changes.

…This could surely upset the US elections planned for that very same day.

You can’t make this stuff up!

As we slowly move out of patriarchal culture and wealthy, white male domination of the planet, we are seeing who is latching on to old roles and who is progressing into the new.

Mars and Uranus are surely playing a huge role in this shift happening now. This could most definitely be an abrupt or tense change.

The sun comes into close contact or conjunct to Pluto in Capricorn on January 14. Again marking the spot where all the action was last year. This illuminates the composted old ways as I stated before with the new moon. The sun is now shining light for new growth to emerge.

Compost helps make really rich soil for healthy new plants to grow out of.

The sun then moves into the sign of Aquarius on January 20. Again the same day as the US elections and the Mars and Uranus conjunction. Now shining the light of awareness on free thinking, new ways of seeing things and humanitarian views of culture.

Aquarius is the key ingredient, along with Taurus in the melting pot of 2021. In Aquarius, Saturn and Jupiter are moving along.

Jupiter comes into an important square with Uranus on January 17. The one and only square of Jupiter in Aquarius to Uranus in Taurus this year.

Jupiter expands whatever it touches. Uranus being a higher octave of Jupiter expansion. This is like a rocket fueled ship blasting off at the beginning of this year filled with dynamics between these two signs.

Aquarius and Taurus are the signs of deep inquiry in 2021.

Mars will then square Jupiter in Aquarius on January 22 just after he conjuncts Uranus in Taurus on January 20.

Again, Jupiter now expanding and amplifying the new version of the masculine moving through Taurus. Though in a tense, dynamic, or possibly uncomfortable way.

Hopefully this new masculine embodies the healthy aspects of Taurus and Aquarius  which can include new ways of being healthy in our bodies and new ways of having a personal relationship with the earth. It’s possible to use our rapidly growing technology to better our environment and make it even more, healthy, enjoyable and sustainable in the future. That is possible.

The opposite is also possible.

The shadow of Aquarius is to use technology to control people. To care less about the environment and more about enhancing the mind.

The dynamic of these two signs could be the best of both. Though we are dealing a bunch of Square alignments. This square thing I keep mentioning is a 90 degree alignment and is very dynamic. Dane Rudhyar called it a “Crisis in Action” so this will likely all be pretty tense.

I’ve been saying for a awhile now. In this new year we will have a lot of choices to make. Technology and the environment, the mind and body, and personal and collective all are in a point of “Something has to give”.

Let’s combine the very best of Taurus with the very best of Aquarius.

The best of Taurus is intimacy with self, others and nature in a way that all enjoy and feel comfortable. A healthy, body and sensual enjoyment. The garden of earthly delights without the fall.

The very best of Aquarius is collective humanity expanding consciousness in a way that brings us into better versions of ourselves in the future.

To utilize our aquarian visions to better our bodies and connections to earth and all beings. To utilize our aquarian, futuristic technologies to sustain the earth and the life of all beings.

2021 is the start of the new world.

What will you choose?

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