Checking in on Mercury

By Daniel Giamario

With all rightful attention placed on the amazing union of Venus and Mars in these mornings, we may forget about Mercury.  So we can check in on Mercury a bit here.

Mercury, these last few days, has been at its greatest morning sky elongation—over 26degrees!  It is quite a good time to see this elusive planet.

On Monday at 1:54PM PST, Mercury moves from Capricorn into Aquarius, and remains in Aquarius until March 9th, when Pisces is ingressed.  This entire time-frame finds Mercury in the Apollo morning star phase of development.  This particular Apollonian phase has an interesting feature.  Stationary direct Mercury on February 3rd initiated its current Capricornian synodic overtone that oversees this entire 120 day time-frame.  Usually only two signs are found in this phase.  But in this synod, Mercury will encounter Capricorn, Aquarius and even Pisces, before reaching the first of two “guardian of the threshold” phases on March 16th.  Soon after that Mercury will leave the morning sky and disappear behind the Sun to employ the psychopomp function.  You can learn more about our schools unique understanding of the Mercury cycle HERE.

Quite likely, many of you found the recent Mercury retrograde to be quite challenging.  There has been quite a string of left brain Mercury signs and overtones.  In our current age, Mercury retrograde can be particularly hazardous to those relying on left brain logic, assumed objectivity, and order.  That is not what the retrograde is for.  Whilst Mercury in Capricorn and Aquarius are definitely rational and left-brained, the current and quite unique phenomena of “All Planets Direct” can be quite helpful to utilize a more trustable objectivity, and to be able to act with more confidence in making practical choices. There is the sense that such actions can have achievable results.  You may be more able to both see the forest and the trees.  Full speed ahead!

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