Chiron Considerations

Inspired by Dane Rudhyar’s view of the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces as a “seed” point for 166 years see link HERE:, the Sun/Chiron conjunction (with Mercury) on April 1st has inspired a similar inquiry into patterns of Chiron. Both Chiron and Mercury are on the other side of the Sun, in what our school refers to as the celestial or universal underworld.
Chiron’s extremely eccentric elliptical orbit has a period averaging 50.39 years. An individual’s Chiron return will always occur somewhere between ages 49-51. Within that timeframe, Chiron spends the most amount of time in Aries (7-8 years), closely followed by Pisces and Taurus. The least amount of time is in Libra (about 2 years), closely followed by Virgo and Scorpio. The apogee and aphelion times (2021-2022) are always in Aries, and the perigee and perihelion times are always in Libra (most recently in 1995-1996).
Placing our emphasis on the Sun/Chiron conjunction now (a new Chiron seed point), this is actually the fourth Sun/Chiron conjunction since Chiron has been in Aries. There are eight of these before Chiron has its Taurus seed point April 20, 2027.

I am speculating that the first Sun/Chiron conjunction is the seed point for Chiron’s entire passage in Aries. That was March 22, 2019 (chart offered above). The previous Chiron in Aries seeding was March 23, 1969. This opens space for additional research. I will offer some suggested interpretations relative to this most recent Sun/Chiron conjunction, as well as for the entire Chiron in Aries timeframe of 2018-2026.

I have never emphasized the “wounded” part of the Chiron initiatory process. As influenced by my colleague, Dale O’brien, I see Chiron as a shaman centaur healer and teacher. By transit, and when found natally, he can certainly indicate where a wound or fracture point is, but is not the wounder. The fracture point is illuminated and then teaching and healing can be offered, whether we are ready to learn about it, or are ready for healing. If we are not, then events can conspire to get our attention.
It is significant that this fourth seed-point is occurring during the Aries over-story in the 26-month synodic cycle of Mars. Last year’s Sun/Chiron conjunction also happened within this Aries Mars over-story. Previous Mars/Aries synods happened October 11, 1941—December 6, 1943, and most recently September 28, 1988—November 28, 1990. More about this in our Mars seminars:

I think that Chiron is locating a primary wound/fracture point of recent patriarchal Aries. This applies to men and women. In recent times, Aries and Mars have over-emphasized war, aggression, professional armies, the emphasis on “winning”, and the need for “good guys and bad guys”. Hopefully, the teaching and healing from Chiron, from the universal underworld, can provide a transformation of the Mars and Aries archetypes into a reanimated and revisioned approach to being a protector of the Earth, global humanity, and our families and children. May there be this seeding of a “warrior of peace”, with a concern for the many generations to follow. It can also be envisioned that the upcoming Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces can assist in this necessary process.

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