Close Jupiter Opposition, Venus-Mercury Conjunction


By Daniel Giamario

On Monday, September 26 at 12:33pm PDT, is the closest to Earth Solar opposition with Jupiter in 70 years. The last one was back in 1950 with Jupiter in Pisces. Jupiter is now retrograde at 3Aries41, rises in the East at sunset, and is 367 million miles away. Jupiter’s closest approach is happening on the same day as the Solar opposition.

It’s worth noting that when planets are at opposition, they are closest and brightest. I have always felt the initiatory window of these transits to be about three days, but in this case it may be longer. This can be considered a “Full Jupiter” with all the intensities and illuminations that can be expected with Full Moons. Amplified expansiveness can be both revelatory as well as overwhelming.

A few hours earlier is an exact conjunction of Venus with Mercury at 26Virgo47, happening Monday, 10:59am PDT. Although it cannot easily be seen, it holds interest. Venus is on the other side of the Sun on her way to an exterior Solar conjunction on October 22. Meanwhile, Mercury retrograde is on the inside interior track between the Earth and Sun, having just met the Sun on September 22. Mercury is shapeshifting from the Taurus Overstory to Virgo, while Venus/Inanna is in the earlier stages of her journey to the underworld to grieve the end of an Age.

I have just heard from our Cosmology Seminar participants in Bisbee, AZ that they were still seeing Venus this past weekend! Amazingly, they may have even witnessed an exceedingly rare 9th Moon/Venus gate portal on Sunday morning. We shall see!

Last but not least, September 26 is the progressed Lunar Return of the United States chart. These progressed cycles only happen every 27.3 years with connection to the Moon’s Sidereal cycle. This is a referendum on how America has been using its Aquarius Moon, both shadow and light. I delve into this historically in my latest article on the US chart that can be seen here:
We also have a new You Tube playlist specifically featuring my investigations into the US Chart:

All in all, the intensity has not let up at all.
Many things may be revealed this week, for the US and for the world.

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