Considering Saturn’s Relationship with Venus and Mars


By Daniel Giamario

Following up on Erik’s post yesterday, let’s look more deeply into this Saturn stellium with Venus and Mars in Aquarius that is now so prominent in the morning sky.  What might be Saturn’s initiatory contribution to these two?

Venus exactly conjoins Saturn on Monday March 28th (12:27PM PDT) at 21Aquarius44.  Then, on April 4th (6:53PM PDT) Mars joins Saturn at 22Aquarius24.  Soon after, on April 5th Venus will ingress into Pisces.  These three have been within 10 degrees of each other in Aquarius since about March 18th, generating a constantly changing triangular pattern.

This morning sky union of Venus and Mars is part of the larger Venus/Mars relationship known as the Rapunzel/Dumuzi Saga.  It is the part of the story shared by the troubadours and in the fairytales where the Prince and Rapunzel come back together and “live happily ever after”.  It’s also when Queen Inanna encounters her consort Dumuzi after her time in the Underworld.  All of these stories served and reflected the social and spiritual needs of their times; 500 years ago and 5000 years ago?  What is the story for our current time?

What is Saturn’s role here now?  How can we understand Aquarius?  Until Uranus was discovered, Saturn was the sole “ruler” of Aquarius, something we often forget.  We also have to remember that it’s the sign of Aquarius, and not the constellation of the Water-Bearer.  Also to consider is what version of Saturn are we using?  Is it the patriarchal version of Saturn, dominant over the last 2000 years?  Or would it be possible to access the Saturn of 300,000 years ago, before it was hijacked?  There was also a matrist  and archetypally Feminine foundation to Saturn, once a symbol of the “Golden Age”, and the wisdom of elders, not judgmental and controlling patriarchs and now a scientific elite.  What should also be considered is the “shadow” of the sign of Aquarius, which I have written and spoken of often. LINKS ARE HERE The popular Sun sign description of Aquarius also is tainted, by a similar hijack, and has created a lot of confusion about what this sign (Mystery School of Life) is actually about.

There is much to unpack here, beyond the scope of this post. On March 30th I plan to do an in-depth Video Blog on this important topic.

The consideration I am suggesting is this:  What story will our current time project on, and be informed by, the Saturn/Venus/Mars stellium in Aquarius?  What can “live happily ever after” mean for these times?  I can see a couple of possibilities: The patriarchal top-down Saturn paired with Aquarius can easily equate with technocracy and the whole AI/trans-humanism agenda.  Relative to Venus and Mars, this can easily lead to the end of organic sexuality and personal relationship as we have known it.  This would be replaced by the metaverse, and with most everything virtual.  The essence of Venus and Mars would disappear into a universe of an ever-expanding number of genders without a reference to biology.

Another story could be the older pre-patriarchal and less technological wisdom of Saturn which can uphold the nascent “idealism” of Aquarius (think of an egalitarian Liberty and Freedom).  Consequently, the freedom to be sovereign individuals with a connection to our spiritual consciousness, and with the freedom to actualize our unique identity and contribution, can be supported.  This can be an authentic diversity, rooted in our water-based biology, with an expanding spectrum of possibilities.  This would be quite different than the fake unity promised by the hijacked Aquarian hive mind of top-down technocracy.  In my view, this is what could fulfill Rudhyar’s vision of the “Planetarization of Consciousness”.

This kind of inquiry is essential now.  The planetary stellium is calling it out.  Make sure that you take time to receive your own guidance directly from them, with the Moon in Aquarius highlighting this right now!


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