Certified TOTAMS Astrologer Continuing Education

Ensuring a high standard of excellence among our alumni

Requirements to maintain an active

Level 1 or 2 TOTAMS Astrologer Certifiation

1. Agree to and abide by the TOTAMS Code of Ethics

2. Maintain a current TOTAMS Membership (membership discount available for certified graduates)

3. Attend (live or via recording) the yearly online Continuing Education Call hosted by Daniel with updates and refinements to the paradigm

4. Complete a minimum of 10 hours of continuing education (CE) each year

*10 hours are the minimum requirement and can consist of any combination of the following:
  • TOTAMS Online Courses
  • TOTAMS In Person Events
  • Group Mentoring Sessions
  • Monthly Members Calls
  • Solstice/Equinox Webinars
  • Special Topic Webinars
  • Daniel’s Monthly Vlogcasts
  • Private mentoring sessions with a Certified TOTAMS Mentor
  • Attendance of events hosted by our affiliates
  • Research, project or volunteering for the school, by prior agreement

Shoot for the Stars!

Although 10 hours of continuing education is the minimum requirement to maintain an active certification, we wish to aknowledge those who go above and beyond. An evaluation will be given at the end of each year for you to determine what TOTAMS Star Magnitude you have reached!


Great Comet



Off the charts!

Hours (CEs)

8 hrs
10 hrs (minimum)
12 hrs
14 hrs
16 hrs
18 hrs
20 hrs
22 hrs
More than 22 hours

Maintaining an active certification will allow you to attend the yearly Continuing Education Call, to receive a half price discount on membership, maintain an active listing on our Certified Astrologers webpage and to be otherwise promoted by the school.

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