Introduction Course

Basics of Astrology

This introductory course gives you an overview of astrology basics and acquaints you with the unique approach of TOTAMS.

Learn the language and symbols of astrology and basic concepts to begin developing a relationship with the As Above, So Below mysteries.

Discover the unique TOTAMS technique, a ceremonial and participatory approach to astrology that is both simple and highly effective.

A basic introduction to astrology that will answer your questions, engage your curiosity, and pique your interest in becoming an astrologer.

It’s perfect for beginners or anyone that wants a refresher course. No prior knowledge required!

Course Overview

Basics of Astrology

In this course, you will discover the basic ingredients of astrology, all in one place and clearly laid out for you – the key definitions, terminology, and components that are common to all astrologers, and what is unique to the TOTAMS approach.

Once you understand the fundamentals needed to speak the language of astrology, you’ll then focus on how they relate to TOTAMS, including how the unique TOTAMS technique views Elements, Modalities, Aspects, and the House System. Don’t know what those terms mean? Don’t worry, you soon will!

This introductory course serves as a gateway to a new realm where you’ll deepen your relationship with the sky to discover the patterns and planetary cycles, get in touch with your soul’s purpose, and experience connection and community like never before.

It includes elements of our Reading a Birth Chart course, which will get you started on how to give astrology consultations using the TOTAMS technique – a simple and effective approach that is not taught in any other school.

The best part? No previous astrology experience or knowledge is required for you to get started.

You’ll Also Learn:
How to start speaking the language of astrology (terminology, glyphs, and symbols)

What astrological terms mean, and all about key concepts including signs, modalities, elements, aspects, transits, angles, and houses

What a birth chart (natal chart) is and how to begin understanding how to interpret it

What steps to take next to make a complete study of astrology

An overview of the planets, their energies, and how they influence the chart

Some of the key differences between the TOTAMS approach and other forms of astrology

Course Details

Basics of Astrology


An introduction to Astrology and the TOTAMS approach

Understanding the Natal Chart

What is a horoscope, really?

The TOTAMS Script

A clear and concise way to approach reading a natal chart.


Triplicities and Quadruplicities

The 3 Modalities and 4 Elements from the TOTAMS perspective.

Additional Chart Features

Houses, angles, nodes and more.


There are no prerequisites for this course. It is open to anyone, with or without prior astrology knowledge or experience.

This is a perfect course to take as a “taster” to sample the TOTAMS technique and curriculum.

Free Bonus: This course is also included with any other course you buy from the school!


This course is not a part of the certification track, so no certificates or course credit is awarded on completion. You will not become an astrologer from this course. We hope it will, however, pique your interest in becoming one.

If you buy this course and choose to continue with the TOTAMS certification program, the amount paid for the Basics of Astrology course will be deducted from the cost of the next course bought at full price.

Find complete information on certification here >

What’s Included:

Complete Self Study – everything you need to learn at your own pace.

Complete Online Mini Course, broken down into 5 to 20-minute video lessons.

One-on-One Mentoring available as an add on


Introduction Course:

Basics of Astrology

Get immediate access to a thorough overview of astrology basics and discover the basis for the unique TOTAMS approach.

This course is included with any of our FIVE other online courses. Click here to learn more about these courses and how to take steps to becoming a Certified TOTAMS Astrologer.

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I love it…

“Although I am a beginner and can only do the natal/basic chart work it has opened my awareness. I am so much more accepting and able to let go of judgments. I have been practicing on my friends and they universally make the same comment related to accepting themselves and the way they are. How beautiful.”


Meet Your Teachers

Rooted in ancient traditions, archetypal psychology, and extensive research, TOTAMS timeless and unique approach has been consistently practiced, verified first-hand, and is continually updated to bring you the best possible outcomes from your experience. 

Daniel Giamario

TOTAMS founder Daniel Giamario personally brings the teachings of Understanding Birth Charts: The Journey of the Soul to you with the benefits of 52 years of astrological experience, honed by the thousands of students who have been helped through the school curriculum over the years.

Levi Banner

With a warm smile, an energetic hug, and sly sense of humor, Levi Banner draws you into his world – teaching the spiritual sciences for healing and transformation. Divining deep astrological insights through the cosmic viewpoint he creates a safe, peaceful classroom space where students can learn and grow to their fullest potential.

Interpretations came instantly and naturally for me when learning TOTAMS Astrology..

“Other astrology didn’t click with me and I couldn’t understand the interpretations of 12 signs when I tried to learn them in the past. But TOTAMS Astrology deals with the essence of 12 signs that is at the center of the universe. They are very primal and resonate with our core. The understanding of 12 sign interpretations came instantly and naturally for me when learning TOTAMS Astrology.”

Sachie Yasuda


1. Will I be an astrologer after this class?
Not yet. You will learn the language and basics of astrology, and hopefully be inspired to continue learning to become an astrologer through our certification program.
2. Will I understand myself better?
You will begin to understand yourself through the language of astrology. This will open you to the vast wisdom of what astrology has to offer you and how to continue learning.
3. Will I know more about my sign? Will I understand my horoscope better?
Yes, you will gain a perspective on what the horoscope truly is through a brief examination of the 12 signs and what energies they carry. You will learn that you are so much more than any one sign, and how your “sign” (actually your sun sign) is only one part of your overall alchemy of signs.
4. Will I learn how to read a birth chart?
This course will cover the fundamental basics of what a birth chart is and the components included in one. But if you want to deepen your knowledge and learn to read a birth chart please check out Course 1: Reading a Birth Chart.
5. How can I use this knowledge?
With the basic knowledge you learn in this course, you will be able to understand the astrologers sharing knowledge on social media or in magazines. You’ll be able to better discern what resonates with you, now that you are informed. You’ll be able to have basic conversations with others about astrology. You’ll also be able to decide if further astrology study or career is right for you.
6. How does this course differ from other approaches? Why should I take this course from you?
TOTAMS is an evolving system of astrology sourced and developed since 1970 out of founding astrologer Daniel Giamario’s direct experience with the night sky. Turning of the Ages Astrology operates through an archetypal and mythical framework anchored in the As Above, So Below mysteries. This creates a ceremonial and participatory approach to astrology, designed to create greater awareness of a person’s life purpose and their relationship to Great Mystery.

TOTAMS has a practical and grounded experiential framework based on Daniel Giamario’s 50+ years of researching, teaching, counseling, and gaining feedback from clients. It’s been field tested by TOTAMS’ decades of teaching this course material to thousands of students.

7. Should I take this course or the Reading a Birth Chart course?
By taking this course, you get a great taste of astrology basics and the TOTAMS technique. If you then want to advance to Reading a Birth Chart, the fee for this course is deducted from the fee for that course, so you really can’t go wrong. Alternatively, this course is included for free with Reading a Birth Chart, so if you want to jump directly into taking the full course, there’s no need to wait until you feel ready – you can jump right in.
8. Do you offer refunds?

We offer 30 Day money guarantee. Contact our customer support for more information.

Introduction Course

Basics of Astrology