Understanding Birth Charts:

The Journey of the Soul

In this core program, you’ll discover the fundamentals of Turning of the Ages Mystery School Astrology and how to perform a basic birth chart reading for yourself and others.

Learn to read an astrological birth chart to better understand who you are – and clearly see the next steps to reach your soul’s potential.

Find out how to help others by performing basic birth chart readings – while taking the first steps towards being a certified astrologer.

Upgrade your healing or counseling practice with powerful astrological knowledge that you can integrate to provide healing at a soul level.

Take the first steps on an enlightening, empowering, and transformational journey with this simple and elegant approach to astrology. 

Course Overview

Understanding Birth Charts: The Journey of the Soul

You will learn everything you need to interpret your own birth chart, how to do basic astrology consultations, and the unique way the TOTAMS Astrologer understands the process through Archetypes, & Storylines.

This course serves as the first course in the path to becoming a certified TOTAMS astrologer, and provides the essential foundation which all our teachings are built upon.

You’ll learn how to interpret a birth chart (the Map of Life) for yourself and others by using a three-part Script that details the soul’s journey for this life. Unlike traditional sun sign astrology, the TOTAMS approach is not predictive and instead focuses on the underlying intent. You’ll also explore the 12 Zodiac signs as archetypal expressions of the12 Mystery Schools of Life, both shadow and light.

Learning this information opens up a pathway to live a life in harmony with the everpresent energies of the signs and planets; rather than being “at the effect of” them. The course is designed to help you gain clarity on your own life purpose: what you are here for, and what the best ways are for you to align with your soul’s intent, so that you can assist others in aligning with theirs as well.


You’ll Also Learn:

Astrology basics, including: the astrological symbols, the 4 elements, and the 3 modalities, all from a TOTAMS Astrology perspective.

How each chart feature (planets, angles, nodes, etc.) function on a birth chart and how it influences one’s self expression.

Why Venus and Mars have a greater significance on the birth chart than the Sun sign.

To understand the 12 Zodiac signs as evolving Mystery Schools that are all equally valid expressions, and each containing both shadow and light.

A unique way of using the Moon, the Ascendant and the Lunar Nodes for understanding the journey of the soul.

Technical skills for calculating and interpreting aspects, and identifying the fundamental challenges presented in the chart.

Course Details

Understanding Birth Charts:

The Journey of the Soul

In this course, you’ll learn how to become an astrological counselor using the TOTAMS Astrology Paradigm. This course focuses on how to read the birth chart at different levels, including timing, cycles and chart comparisons.

Section 1: Basics

An introduction to astrology and key concepts including: the birth chart, elements, modalities, planetary resonances, and natal aspects.

Section 2: 12 Signs & Archetypes

A deep dive into each of the 12 signs as seen through the eyes of TOTAMS.

Section 3: The Script

Exploring the 3 part ‘Script’, TOTAMS’ signature way of reading a birth chart. The role of the Moon, Nodes, Sun, Mercury, Mars, Venus, and chart angles in the Script – and therefore a person’s unique expression.

Section 4: Outer Planets

The role of the outer planets in the TOTAMS technique, including interpreting natal aspects and the three worlds approach.

Section 5: Bringing it All Together

Learn how to apply the knowledge from the course in a birth chart reading, and explore the next steps to continuing your journey.


Free supplementary resources including a Frequently Asked Questions answered video and surprise extras to further your knowledge.



This course is the ideal starting point for anyone. No previous experience in astrology or courses from TOTAMS are required to take this course.

Understanding Birth Charts: The Journey of the Soul is recommended as the first course you take towards certification.

The Basics of Astrology course is included as a free bonus.


Upon successful completion of this course, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion, Understanding Birth Charts: The Journey of the Soul, from TOTAMS

You’ll also receive course credit from TOTAMS toward receiving a Level 1: Foundational Certification in Turning of the Ages Mystery School Astrology and have taken steps toward  becoming a TOTAMS Certified Astrologer.

Find complete information on certification here >

Study Options

Self Study & Guided Group Experience

There are two ways to take this course: Self Study and Guided Group.
Learn what is included in each option and which is best for you!

Self Study


Guided Group


Comprehensive Course

Access to the complete course via our online course platform. You will be able to see your progress, pick up where you left off, and mark lessons as complete

Video Lessons

Over 10 hours of video broken down into easily digestible lessons

Digital Course Materials

Supplementary learning resources that you can download and print for easy reference

Deepening Exercises

Suggested ways of working with the material for each lesson to help you integrate the teachings in your life

Learning Review

Test your knowledge at the end of the course
(required for course credit towards certification)


Access to an online forum and social media chat groups. Ask questions and share with others who have taken or are currently enrolled in the course

Group Experience

Learn alongside a dedicated teacher with a small cohort of students (Max 22 per group)

LIVE Classes

At least 5 live regularly scheduled Q&As with your teacher and classmates

Private Group Forum

Stay connected and engaged with your teacher and classmates as you progress through the course material


Receive personalized feedback and answers to your outstanding questions directly from your teacher


Get support and feedback on deepening exercises and learning review

LIVE Group Guided Add-On for each course

The next Group Experience will begin soon!


Understanding Birth Charts:

The Journey of the Soul

Learn the TOTAMS approach to reading a birth chart and start your journey towards the discovery of soul purpose for yourself and others!

This course is part of the Level 1 Certification Track, however, it can be taken on its own by anyone interested in understanding birth charts.

Understanding Birth Charts Online Course

  • Self-Study at your own pace
  • Free Bonus: Basics of Astrology Course

Price: $550

Understanding Birth Charts Guided Group Course

  • Online Self-Study Material
  • PLUS additional LIVE Group Guided sessions
  • Free Bonus: Basics of Astrology Course

Price: $650

Foundational 3 Courses BUNDLE

  • Save when buying all 3 foundational courses
  • Online access to courses 1-3
  • Free Bonus: Basics of Astrology Course 


Foundational 3 Courses Guided Group BUNDLE

  • Save when buying all 3 foundational courses
  • Online access to courses 1- 3
  • Access LIVE Group Guided sessions per course
  • Free Bonus: Basics of Astrology Course



Value $1950

Foundational Certification Package

Become a Level 1 Certified Foundational TOTAMS Astrologer

  • Offers HUGE savings when purchased together
  • Includes life-time access to all 3 Foundational Level courses
  • Study at your own pace and come back to the material again and again
  • PLUS access to additional LIVE Group Guided Q&A classes, TOTAMS Premium Membership, a dedicated TOTAMS Mentor & free bonuses

    Click below for details on what’s included



Value $2550

Save over 20%

SEE What's Included in the level 1 certification package
  1. Basics of Astrology Introductory Course
  2. Course 1: Understanding Birth Charts: The Journey of the Soul ($550 value)
  3. Course 2: Tracking Transits: Seasons & Cycles ($550 value)
  4. Course 3: Relationships: Chart Comparison & Inner Wholeness ($550 value)
  5. All courses include Group Guided Add-On
  6. All courses include detailed Course Manuals and bonus materials
  7. Mentorship for 4 sessions, in individual 1:1 sessions ($400 value)
  8. TOTAMS Premium Membership for one year, and associated benefits including discounts on further seminars and products ($200 value)
  9. Community Forum with other students on the Level 1 certification track, via Telegram group chat and our Website Student Portal. 
  10. Free Gift – Shamanic Astrology Handbook (PDF) and Origins of Shamanic Astrology (PDF) ($16.99 value)

Payment plans may be available on a case by case basis.
Please contact us to inquire.

I now feel more capable of engaging…

“I now feel more capable of engaging, trusting of my inner compass and open to new possibilities for creating the life that my Soul intended. I have been truly blessed to have found and feel the continued spiritual support of this community!”

Morgan Marckwald

Meet Your Teachers

Rooted in ancient traditions, archetypal psychology, and extensive research, TOTAMS timeless and unique approach has been consistently practiced, verified first-hand, and is continually updated to bring you the best possible outcomes from your experience. 

Daniel Giamario

TOTAMS founder Daniel Giamario personally brings the teachings of Understanding Birth Charts: The Journey of the Soul to you with the benefits of 52 years of astrological experience, honed by the thousands of students who have been helped through the school curriculum over the years.

Levi Banner

With a warm smile, an energetic hug, and sly sense of humor, Levi Banner draws you into his world – teaching the spiritual sciences for healing and transformation. Divining deep astrological insights through the cosmic viewpoint he creates a safe, peaceful classroom space where students can learn and grow to their fullest potential. 

Thank you again for this powerful content…

“I’m learning a lot and I’m integrating the whole house system into my readings especially when I’m looking at life purpose and using the language of the Mystery School and jobs. I have deepened in my understanding and I know I will continue to hone in on this new language that describes pretty much exactly what my clients tend to want to know in a concise but nailed it method. And as you said in the beginning that those that are already Astrologers or trained in different systems sometimes have a more difficult time in making the change. It really is quite amazing.”



1. Will I be able to read a birth chart?
Yes! This course will give you the foundational knowledge and core understanding of the TOTAMS technique, allowing you to read birth charts at a basic level. Understand that this course is just the first step along your certification path. Each step (and course we offer) deepens your understanding of reading a birth chart, and the complexities and intrigues it offers to yourself and others.
2. How does this course differ from other approaches? Why should I take this course from you?
It could be said that TOTAMS is much more than just astrology. Our approach to interpreting a birth chart is geared toward uncovering life intent rather than prediction. The chart is seen as a set of instructions detailing the intended path toward fulfillment and the inherent challenges one must face along the way. There are various features of this approach that are completely distinct from traditional astrology, most notably, a departure from the conventional use of Sun Signs as “your sign.” Furthermore, the entirety of the TOTAMS paradigm was born out of a direct experience of Earth and Sky. As a result, it has at its root ancient wisdom that sees all aspects of life as having a purpose and value. The teachings are profoundly effective and simple to learn as they maintain an ancestral essence that is already familiar to us all as human beings. TOTAMS applies this ancient and eternal wisdom for use in the current age.
3. How will this course help me understand myself better and improve my life?
By learning how to read your birth chart, you will gain a deep understanding of your Self and the intent of your soul’s journey. You will learn how to integrate different parts of your Self that might sometimes feel opposing, or at odds with each other. It will improve how you communicate and think; and how you perceive and understand other people’s tendencies when they differ from yours. It offers you actionable solutions to some of life’s biggest mysteries, and the opportunity to help others answer those questions through your newly acquired skills.
4. Do I need any previous experience?
This course is the ideal starting point for anyone. No previous knowledge of astrology or courses from TOTAMS are required to take this course, and you’ll quickly be able to greatly benefit yourself and others with what you will learn. The Basics of Astrology course is included as a Free Bonus, so if you’re nervous about the material, this free course will get you started off with all the basic fundamental knowledge you need.
5. Is it difficult to learn?
We’ve designed this course so it requires no previous experience to take and understand. The course utilizes a step-by-step approach that is broken down into easily digestible sections of material. Each section has exercises designed to ensure that you grasp the teachings fully. You can choose to take it online, or when it’s offered as a group program. You also have the option of engaging with a school mentor for extra support with your studies.
6. How much time will it take me?

This course consists of 36 lessons and a total of 10+ hours of video footage

There are three ways to take the course:

The Self-Study option is self-paced and done on your time, with the option of a mentor to guide you if needed as an add-on.

The in-person version of this course is a 5-day intensive.

The Guided Group experience will allow you to go through the course with a group of classmates and an instructor who will meet every two weeks for approximately 2 months,

7. How will this improve my existing astrology/healing/counseling/coaching practice?
This course will benefit your existing practice in three key ways. First, it gives you a deeper understanding of your own skills, strengths, and gifts. Second, it does the same for your clients, allowing you (and them) a deeper knowledge of them and their unique individual needs. Third, it’s a way to integrate a powerful new arrow into the quiver of tools used to help your clients get the results they need.
8. Can I use this as a career or make money from what I’ll learn in this course?
After successfully completing this course, you will be able to perform a basic natal chart consultation. More importantly, this course is your first step in becoming a TOTAMS Certified Astrologer – a profound and deeply fulfilling career path should you choose to continue.
9. How long will I have access to the Understanding Birth Charts course content for?

You will retain lifetime access to all the content of this course; lifetime means for as long as remains online, which we expect to be for many years to come.

10. Do you offer refunds?

We offer 30 Day money guarantee. Contact our customer support for more information.


Understanding Birth Charts:

The Journey of the Soul