Navigating the Night Sky


In this one-of-a-kind astrology course, you’ll learn to identify the stars and planets with your naked eye and become aware of how our lives fit into the bigger pictures of time and the cosmos.

Develop a relationship with the sky, and learn to navigate it like the ancients did by identifying planets and constellations with your naked eye.
Experience an understanding of the cosmic clock, the Turning of the Ages, and humanity’s unique place in the cycles of the cosmos.
Discover new astrology skills not taught anywhere else that will allow you to offer others sessions that also connect them with the mysteries.

Learn to know, as our ancestors did, why we are at a great Turning of the Ages.

Course Overview

Navigating the Night Sky

In this advanced astrology course,, you will learn how to orient yourself among the stars, and how to “see” an astrological chart in the night sky, bridging the gap between astrology and astronomy.

Through this integrated process, you will learn the technical aspects of the Turning of the Ages and how the planets and stars operate, balanced with how you are experiencing it on earth both viscerally and ceremonially. 

Taking inspiration from the ancients who lived in close ceremonial relationship with the land and sky, you’ll experience for yourself the mysteries of the “As Above” and learn how we inform the mysteries as much as they inform us. You’ll learn to develop a living relationship with the sky, and understand it’s “bones” or “structure”, illuminating our place within the greater context of the universe.

You’ll dive into understanding the astrological ages, how the 26,000 year precessional cycle and the Turning of the Ages work, what the Age of Aquarius really is and how it fits into the Turning of the Ages. You’ll discover how to navigate the night sky, gain a deeper understanding of planetary transits, discover your personal stars, and place your chart on the sky.


You’ll Also Learn:

The history and evolution of the different zodiacs and astrological systems.

How Signs and Constellations are not the same thing and how they are both used in TOTAMS Astrology.

The difference between the Sidereal, Constellational and Tropical Zodiacs.

To understand the cyclical movements of the planets and stars through the seasons and the ages.

About Pole Stars, and how they shift over time.


All about the precession of the Equinoxes and Solstices and how they indicate we are at a great Turning of the Ages.

Course Details


Navigating the Night Sky

In Level 1, you’ll learn how to become an astrological counselor using the TOTAMS Astrology Paradigm. This level focuses on how to read the birth chart at different levels, including timing, cycles and chart comparisons.

Section 1: Introduction

Learning the “bones” of the night sky and how the precessional cycle works.

Section 2: History and evolution of the Zodiac

Discover the difference between the many different zodiacs used by cultures around the world, and why the TOTAMS approach uses a combination of different zodiacs

Section 3: The difference between signs and constellations

Why we use signs and love the constellations and an inquiry into the question: “to what proportion do the constellations inform the signs?”

Section 4: World ages and where we are in time

A look at archeo-astronomy, the ancient use of hierophanies, and the convergence of many different timelines.

Section 5: Finding your personal stars

Learning to identify stars by their zodiacal location and how to “see” your chart on the sky by locating your personal stars.

Section 6: Bringing it all together

Learn how to apply the knowledge from the course in sessions and explore next steps to continuing your journey.


Free supplementary resources including a Frequently Asked Questions answered video and surprise extras to further your knowledge.



Level One certification with TOTAMS or a previous astrology background is highly recommended, though not required.

We recommend that you take Navigating the Night Sky as the 4th course on your path towards becoming a Level 2: Fully Initiated TOTAMS astrologer, and as the first course of your Level 2 training (before Course 5: Inner Planets).

Please contact us for approval if you are considering taking this course out of order, or if you are an existing practicing astrologer interested in taking the course.


Upon successful completion of this course, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion, Navigating the Night Sky, from TOTAMS.

You’ll also receive course credit toward becoming a Level 2: Fully Initiated TOTAMS Astrologer


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Study Options

Self Study & Guided Group Experience

There are two ways to take this course: Self Study and Guided Group.
Learn what is included in each option and which is best for you!

Self Study


Guided Group


Comprehensive Course

Access to the complete course via our online course platform. You will be able to see your progress, pick up where you left off, and mark lessons as complete

Video Lessons

Over 15 hours of video broken down into easily digestible lessons

Digital Course Manual

An adjunct to each lesson that provides a written version of the material that you can download and print for easy reference

Deepening Exercises

Suggested ways of working with the material for each lesson to help you integrate the teachings in your life

Learning Review

Test your knowledge at the end of the course
(required for course credit towards certification)


Access to an online forum and social media chat groups. Ask questions and share with others who have taken or are currently enrolled in the course

Group Experience

Learn alongside a dedicated teacher with a small cohort of students (Max 22 per group)

LIVE Classes

At least 5 live regularly scheduled Q&As with your teacher and classmates

Private Group Forum

Stay connected and engaged with your teacher and classmates as you progress through the course material


Receive personalized feedback and answers to your outstanding questions directly from your teacher


Get support and feedback on deepening exercises and learning review

LIVE Group Guided Add-On for each course

 The next Group Experience for this course will launch in 2025



Navigating the Night Sky

Get immediate access to astrological wisdom that connects your practice with the night sky, teaches you new astrology techniques, and helps you understand the Turning of the Ages.

This course is part of the Level 2 Certification Track, however, it can be taken on its own by anyone interested in cosmology.

Cosmology Online Course

  • Self-Study at your own pace
  • Free Bonus: Basics of Astrology Course


Cosmology Guided Group Course

  • Online Self-Study Material
  • PLUS additional LIVE Group Guided sessions
  • Free Bonus: Basics of Astrology Course


Advance 2 Courses BUNDLE

  • Save when buying both advanced courses
  • Online access to courses 4 & 5
  • Free Bonus: Basics of Astrology Course 


Advance 2 Course Guided Group BUNDLE

  • Save when buying both advanced courses
  • Online access to courses 4 & 5
  • Access LIVE Group Guided sessions per course
  • Free Bonus: Basics of Astrology Course


Value $1300

Advance Certification Package

Become a Level 2 Certified Foundational TOTAMS Astrologer

  • Offers HUGE savings when purchased together
  • Includes life-time access to both Advance Level 2 courses
  • Study at your own pace and come back to the material again and again
  • PLUS access to additional LIVE Group Guided Q&A classes, TOTAMS Premium Membership, a dedicated TOTAMS Mentor & free bonuses

    Click below for details on what’s included



Value $2550
Save over 20%


SEE What's Included in the level 2 certification package
  1. Basics of Astrology Introductory Course
  2. Course 4 -Cosmology: Navigating the Night Sky ($550 value)
  3. Course 5 – The Overstory: Cycles of Inner Planets ($550 value)
  4. All courses include Group Guided Add-On
  5. All courses include detailed Course Manuals and bonus materials
  6. Mentorship for 4 sessions, in individual 1:1 sessions ($400 value)
  7. TOTAMS Premium Membership for one year, and associated benefits including discounts on further seminars and products ($200 value)
  8. Community Forum with other students on the Level 1 certification track, via Telegram group chat and our Website Student Portal. 
  9. Free Gift – Shamanic Astrology Handbook (PDF) and Origins of Shamanic Astrology (PDF) ($16.99 value)

Payment plans may be available on a case by case basis.
Please contact us to inquire.

Meet Your Teachers

Rooted in ancient traditions, archetypal psychology, and extensive research, TOTAMS timeless and unique approach has been consistently practiced, verified first-hand, and is continually updated to bring you the best possible outcomes from your experience. 

Daniel Giamario

TOTAMS founder Daniel Giamario personally brings the teachings of Understanding Birth Charts: The Journey of the Soul to you with the benefits of 52 years of astrological experience, honed by the thousands of students who have been helped through the school curriculum over the years.

Gemini Brett

Gemini Brett’s old world ended when he began his study with Daniel in 2012. Today, Brett is a leader in the movement to re-nature astrology by integrating our two-dimensional charts with the infinite living sky. He is a world-renowned astronomy-for-astrologers authority, shamanic StarryTeller, and inspiring educator at his School of Earthstrology

I was so deeply affected by the recent Cosmology course…

“Now, every clear night I wander out, look up and connect with the great cosmos. I actually know what I’m looking at now! Being an astrologer, it is of key importance to connect with the stars physically. As Above, So Below. The live course is life changing and the online course is AMAZING!”

Dana Zia


1. Will I learn more about the dawning of the Age of Aquarius?

Yes, but it’s more than that: you will come to understand a far larger context of the Turning of the Ages, and understand the even greater relevance of the 26,000 year precessional cycle, and even larger cycles. You will understand how much more significant the Turning of the Ages is than simply being the Age of Aquarius.

2. Will I become an astronomer?

Though this course includes far more astronomy and cosmology than most astrology courses offer, we are still focused on astrology and ceremony. Our goal is to make astrology experiential and tangible for you. Astronomers generally have a degree from an accredited university, so you will not become one from taking this course. However, we are happy to give you some pertinent education in the field that will improve your overall understanding of the astrological techniques being taught.

3. How does this add to my astrology practice?

You will gain a visceral connection to the night sky that brings the chart from a 2d format into a lived experience. You will find that this skill will enliven your astrology practice for the rest of your life.

4. I live in a city and don’t have a clear view of the night sky – can I still take this course?

Absolutely! No matter where you are, you can still study the material and it will teach you all about the night sky in both hemispheres. However, you will feel inspired to get out and connect with the night sky personally whenever possible. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself researching holiday destinations based on night sky visibility or ancient sites that were based on astronomy and ceremony.

5. How does this fit into the other courses? Why is it part of my astrology certification?

TOTAMS is a unique astronomical and cosmological school with a greater vision than simply astrology. We feel our astrologers should embody the wisdom of the Turning of the Ages and the night sky in their practice.

We recommend taking Course 4: Navigating the Night Sky as the first course in Level 2 certification (though this and Course 5 can be taken in either order). This would be the fourth of five courses to become a Level 2: Fully Initiated TOTAMS Astrologer.

6. Do I need to know about astrology to take this course?

It is recommended that you are already a practicing astrologer or have a general knowledge of astrology to fall back on. However, anyone with a thirst for the technical and ceremonial aspects of cosmology and astronomy is welcome to join.

7. What can I practically do with this information?

The teachings within this course will give you a unique skill set seldom found in other astrology schools. Upon completion, you will be able to bring your astrology practice to another level by being able to show show your clients which specific stars are connected to their personal chart, and which parts of the sky they may find value in building a deeper connection with. You will be able to connect personally to the stars you were born under, bringing your own personal natal chart to life. You will also be able to create sacred ceremonial space for yourself and others, based around visual astronomical alignments and moon cycles. 

8. Do I need a telescope or any other equipment to take this course?

No special equipment (including telescopes) is required to take this course (other than your computer or other internet-enabled device, of course). This course will teach you to identify the night sky with your naked eye the way the ancients would have when building temples, pyramids, and standing stone circles way before the technological advancements of telescopes. This is central to the TOTAMS experiential approach.

8. Do you offer refunds?

We offer 30 Day money back guarantee. Contact our customer support for more information.



Navigating the Night Sky