The Overstory:

Cycles of Inner Planets

In this TOTAMS-only astrology course, you’ll uncover the mysteries of the Inner Planets and the Moon from both astronomical and astrological perspectives.

Connect your personal chart to a bigger story in relation to Venus, Mars, Mercury, and the Moon – and to the myths and stories of the ancients, enabling you to create new onesbetter understand who you are – and clearly see the next steps to reach your soul’s potential.

Create a more meaningful connection to the night sky that will endow your life with knowledge, wisdom and the knowledge of how and when to create ceremony.

Develop highly advanced and specialized chart reading skills that will encourage growth both in your life and the lives of your clients.

What you’ll discover will give you deeper wisdom about yourself and others – and powerfully advance your astrology skills!

Course Overview

The Overstory:
Cycles of the Inner Planets

In this course, you will learn a one-of-a-kind combination of astronomical, astrological, and mythological wisdom that will greatly improve your abilities as an astrologer and expand your knowledge of Self, others and the world at large.

This course will teach you advanced skills not found in any of our other courses and rarely in any other astrology school.

This unique and invaluable material was created by TOTAMS Founder, Daniel Giamario, who introduced this way of tracking and observing the inner planets and connecting with them the way the ancients did. This body of research has been acknowledged as truly groundbreaking since Daniel first introduced it to the astrological community in the 1980s and 1990s and the unique approach to working with the material is only taught this way at TOTAMS.



Through this course, you will uncover the astronomical intricacies of each inner planet – The Moon, Venus, Mars, and Mercury – both in a birth (natal) chart and by identifying them in the night sky. You will learn how your own personal chart falls into a larger “over-story” of mythic proportions in relation to the movements of Venus, Mars, Mercury and the Moon, using TOTAMS unique way of understanding of Synodic Cycles – the relationship of the planets with the Sun, with a naked eye emphasis.

Connecting with your unique place in the larger story of the inner planets, you will gain new insights into your chart, and a deeper understanding of your soul’s journey. You will also explore the inner planets through the eyes of ancient cultures –- their myths, stories, culture, and cosmology to discover where you fit in these mythical tales, and how to use this information to further help clients understand their own chart. This can enable you to create new stories appropriate for our current times .In completing this course, you will also be taking the next step on your path toward Level 2 Certification.

You’ll Also Learn:

The technical skills to determine where the Inner Planets were in their cycle when an individual chart was cast.

The significance of each Inner Planet’s “over-story” in adding to its archetypal expression.

How to work with all the Phases of the Moon including the one you were born under.

To understand retrograde movements, and what it means when a planet is in the “underworld.”

How to give highly advanced and nuanced astrological consultations

Sacred geometry and number magic associated with the cycles of each planet

Course Details

The Overstory:

Cycles of Inner Planets

In this course, you’ll learn how to become an astrological counselor using the TOTAMS Astrology Paradigm. This course focuses on how to read the birth chart at different levels, including timing, cycles and chart comparisons.

Lesson 1: Introduction

Learn what a synodic cycle is and which planetary synodic cycles are most useful in a TOTAMS Astrology session

Lesson 2: Venus

Discover the incredible elegance of the Venus synodic cycle, mythic stories that shared this tale throughout the ages, and how to work with the cycle ceremonially.

Lesson 3: Mercury

Beyond Mercury retrograde, you will get a chance to understand the many different phases of the Mercury cycle and how this impacts the way an individual thinks, perceives and communicates.

Lesson 4: Mars

Learn to recognize the key features of the Mars cycle, representing archetypal masculine, and how the TOTAMS approach to tracking this cycle differs from many other astrology techniques.

Lesson 5: Working Together

Building upon the mythic stories, and taking a closer look at the timeline, this section involves an investigation of when the inner planet cycles show up at the same time, and how to work with that.

Lesson 6: Cycles of the Moon

Providing clarity on the many different cycles of the Moon including synodic, sidereal, and nodal cycles.

Lesson 7: Bringing it all together

Learn how to apply the knowledge from the course in sessions and explore next steps to continuing your journey.


Free supplementary resources including a Frequently Asked Questions answered video and surprise extras to further your knowledge.



Level One certification with TOTAMS or a previous astrology background is highly recommended, though not required.

We recommend that you take Navigating the Night Sky as the 4th course on your path towards becoming a Level 2: Fully Initiated TOTAMS astrologer, and the first course of your Level 2 training (before Course 5: Cycles of Inner Planets). However, this is not strictly required.


Please contact us for approval if you are considering taking this course out of order, or if you are an existing practicing astrologer interested in taking the course.


Upon successful completion of this course, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion, Cycles of Inner Planets, from TOTAMS.

You’ll also receive course credit toward becoming a Level 2: Fully Initiated TOTAMS Astrologer

Find complete information on certification here >

Study Options

Self Study & Guided Group Experience

There are two ways to take this course: Self Study and Guided Group.
Learn what is included in each option and which is best for you!

Self Study


Guided Group


Comprehensive Course

Access to the complete course via our online course platform. You will be able to see your progress, pick up where you left off, and mark lessons as complete

Video Lessons

Over 15 hours of video broken down into easily digestible lessons

Digital Course Materials

Supplementary learning resources that you can download and print for easy reference

Deepening Exercises

Suggested ways of working with the material for each lesson to help you integrate the teachings in your life

Learning Review

Test your knowledge at the end of the course
(required for course credit towards certification)


Access to an online forum and social media chat groups. Ask questions and share with others who have taken or are currently enrolled in the course

Group Experience

Learn alongside a dedicated teacher with a small cohort of students (Max 22 per group)

LIVE Classes

At least 5 live regularly scheduled Q&As with your teacher and classmates

Private Group Forum

Stay connected and engaged with your teacher and classmates as you progress through the course material


Receive personalized feedback and answers to your outstanding questions directly from your teacher


Get support and feedback on deepening exercises and learning review

LIVE Group Guided Add-On for each course

 The next Group Experience of this course will launch in 2024


The Overstory:

Cycles of Inner Planets

Get immediate access to powerful astrological techniques that will allow you connect deeper with the ancient wisdom of the Cycles of Inner Planets, expanding your knowledge and advancing your astrology skills!

This course is part of the Level 2 Certification Track, however, it can be taken on its own by anyone interested in understanding cycles of inner planets.

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Payment plans may be available on a case by case basis.
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Meet Your Teachers

Rooted in ancient traditions, archetypal psychology, and extensive research, TOTAMS timeless and unique approach has been consistently practiced, verified first-hand, and is continually updated to bring you the best possible outcomes from your experience. 

Daniel Giamario

TOTAMS founder Daniel Giamario personally brings the teachings of Understanding Birth Charts: The Journey of the Soul to you with the benefits of 52 years of astrological experience, honed by the thousands of students who have been helped through the school curriculum over the years.

Levi Banner

With a warm smile, an energetic hug, and sly sense of humor, Levi Banner draws you into his world – teaching the spiritual sciences for healing and transformation. Divining deep astrological insights through the cosmic viewpoint he creates a safe, peaceful classroom space where students can learn and grow to their fullest potential. 

I loved the live course


“And use this information to assist my clients with a deeper understanding of how to navigate their personal Timings. The feedback I have gotten is how helpful and useful this information is. Thank you so much!”



1. Will I be able to read a birth chart?

Yes, you will learn all about the moon and its cycles in this course, from its daily movements to  larger cycles of the moon such as lunar nodes, eclipses and 19-year metonic cycles. By the time you have completed the course, you will deeply understand the moon phases you were born into, and be better prepared for connecting with moon phases in ceremony.

2. How does this course differ from other approaches? Why should I take this course from you?

The course material has several powerful applications. You will be able to access deeper wisdom about yourself by knowing your natal chart on a profound new level. You will be able to see your personal chart as part of a bigger story or narrative. In addition, you can more easily discern what is happening in the collective.  Upon completion of the course, you will have advanced practical skills as an astrologer, which will allow you to help clients better by knowing how to read far greater detail in their charts. You will also be able to add new reading options to your offerings. Finally, you will have greater connection to the visible night sky through being able to track cycles and create ceremony around them.

3. How will this course help me understand myself better and improve my life?

Yes, and at a profound level that is difficult to fully explain until it is experienced. The stories of the inner planets form the foundation of many of our familiar myths and fairy tales, so being able to connect with this wisdom opens up many insights that are already familiar but may not have been previously understood. This can provide you with tools for the creation of new stories and narratives.

4. How does this further my knowledge of how to read a birth chart and the material I learned in Course 1?

Cycles of Inner Planets offers you advanced chart reading skills that add additional layers and enhance your knowledge of planetary archetypes in a natal chart. In other words, you will be able to gather more information from looking at a chart and be able to go deeper than ever before.

5. How does this deepen my knowledge of material from Course 3: Relationships: Chart Comparison & Inner Wholeness?

This course will give you a profound new level of understanding of the Venus and Mars material, both mythically and culturally. By diving deeper into the cycles of Venus and Mars, you will also enhance your knowledge of the archetypal masculine & feminine within (Gods and Goddesses) and connect to the Inner Sacred Marriage process on a whole new level.

6. How does this further my knowledge from the Course 2: Tracking Transits: Seasons & Cycles?

You’ll gain the ability to track inner planet cycles, including the returns of Venus, Mars, and Mercury, along with a deeper understanding of Moon and Lunar nodal cycles.

7. Am I ready for this course? How hard is it?

Course 5: Cycles of Inner Planets is recommended as the second course to take in Level 2, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. It is more technical than the other courses, but it’s broken down into easily digestible and relatable material that you will be fully prepared for if you have completed Level 1 or have an astrology background. 

8. Should I take this before Course 4: Navigating the Night Sky?

It is recommended that you take this course after Navigating the Night Sky, though they can be taken in any order. We suggest you take Cycles of Inner Planets as the 5th course on your path towards becoming a Level 2: Fully Initiated TOTAMS astrologer, though this is not strictly required. Please reach out for advice if you are considering taking this course out of order.

9. Will this make me a better astrologer?

Yes, this course will teach you advanced skills not found in any of our other courses or only rarely in any other astrology school. This unique and invaluable material was created by our Founder, Daniel Giamario. He introduced this way of tracking the inner planets and connecting with them the way the ancients did to the astrological community in the 1980s and 1990s. This astrology material is truly groundbreaking and can only be found taught in this way at TOTAMS.

10. Do you offer refunds?

We offer 30 Day money guarantee. Contact our customer support for more information.


The Overstory:

Cycles of Inner Planets