Creating Wholeness and Health through the Sacred Marriage

by Daniel Giamario


Sharing Circle from 2013 Conference

Most everyone in contemporary culture is wired to look outside themselves for completion, wholeness, and happiness. There is a longing to find the magical “other”, the soulmate, the twin flame, the beloved. This is not a criticism of this longing, as it motivates even autonomous or renunciate individuals to learn more about themselves through another.

It could even be said that the relationship quest is the yoga of our current times.  However, even for those who find a wonderful partner, that alone will not create inner wholeness. In the Shamanic Astrology paradigm, we call the process of creating inner wholeness, with or without a partner, the Sacred Marriage.

Practical Guidance to Help With the Relational Journey

A great way to go deeper into your own Sacred Marriage and/or help others to understand theirs is to take the  Shamanic Astrology Mystery School Online Course

What Shamanic Astrology has discovered, is that men project the sign of their Venus position, and that women project the sign of their Mars position onto their partner. A man looks outside of himself for his Venus, and the women looks outside of herself for her Mars.

The key to the Sacred Marriage process, is for men to claim their own Venus, and women to claim their own Mars, rather than to be at the affect of its projection. This applies to everyone, whether you have had success in manifesting an external relationship or not.

Practical clues for this process via the signs of Woman’s Mars and Man’s Venus (not the Sun Sign) are:

  • Aries – take the initiative to find a new mission or purpose statement or renew the one you have.
  • Taurus – savour and enjoy the aesthetics and the feel of your own body and senses.
  • Gemini – take yourself less seriously and play more in the dance of life.
  • Cancer – accept your vulnerabilities and learn to nourish yourself.
  • Leo – go beyond the barriers to experiencing radiant, radical self-love.
  • Virgo – inquire into what your own sacred work or calling is.
  • Libra – have the courage to discover that you love the relationship with yourself best of all.
  • Scorpio – risk finding the edge of your own aliveness, and what is just beyond that edge.
  • Sagittarius – prioritize your quest for meaning and purpose, renewing your connection to spirit on your own.
  • Capricorn – find an activity that is grounded or productive, and produces some kind of practical outcome.
  • Aquarius – discover the value of being completely in your own space, experiencing the uniqueness of your own being.
  • Pisces – have compassion and empathy for yourself, and discover that Great Mother/Great Mystery feels the same way

Remarkably, there is no downside to following these suggestions. It strengthens an existing relationship, can help in manifesting one, and also creates inner wholeness for those not in relationship. Plus, it feels good to do it!

A variety of physical, emotional, and psychological upsets can be greatly alleviated by the Sacred Marriage process. Inner wholeness is a worthy aspiration.

A great way to go deeper into your own Sacred Marriage and/or help others to understand theirs is to take the always available  Shamanic Astrology Mystery School Online Course 


  1. Liz Dacus

    If you have a Pluto complex.. There CAN be a downside to this as you have often told me…

    • erik

      Hi Liz, yes having a Pluto Complex or even a Saturn Complex can make this a challenging process, especially because it brings in the shadows (sometimes attracting them from others). Like maintaining one’s self physically, the inner sacred marriage process is continual and doesn’t end necessarily one day. For many of us, it is a work in progress.

  2. Barbara Lee Anderson

    When my friend made a move forward I held him off and said, You are not committed. Then I sent him a copy of Gary Zukav’s book Spiritual Partnership and a letter inviting him to practice it’s tenets with me, to become healthy and strong, proper foundations for relationship. I reclaimed my Aries Mars. If he ever decides to accept, he will be reclaiming his Virgo Venus. Interesting. Thank you for this unique perspective.

  3. Kathryn Morgan

    Okay, it’s been seven years of “discover(ing) the value of being completely in your own space, experiencing the uniqueness of your own being.” Yay, I’m awesome. Can I be done now, Universe?! BRING HIM! Thank you, Daniel for all you do. 🙂


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