Earth Grids and The Enchantment of the Landscape

Aug 12, 2023 | by Vivian Hurley |

Ancients understood

that the Earth had a geometrical nature

and placed sites all across the planet

that lined up and connected

into a giant geomantic system.





Geodetic Knowledge


Geodetic knowledge of the Earth encompasses awareness of ley lines, platonic solid math and cymatics based architectural principles that harness free energy from the natural creation systems and has awareness of the star maps that make up the planetary grid network. It also includes the study of the existence of the moving energy currents throughout the ley lines and axiatonal lines of the planetary grid network, which further became known as the Dragon Lines.

This planet is filled with a plethora of beneficial archetypal expressions and sacred creational patterns at holy sites that were meant for humanity to explore on a joyous and adventurous path of ascension. That wonderment and discovery to expand consciousness through communicating with the Earth intelligence, in order to know of our beautiful planet’s holographic geography, was stolen from us through usurping the sites, numerous historic resets, and suppression of knowledge and information.

The planetary grid is a living ancient mapping system of multiple energy spectrums of consciousness filled with intelligent geometric patterns of Universal Creation code.

“A great scientific instrument lies sprawled over the entire surface of the globe” – John Michell.


Tools and Technology used by the Ancients 

Megalithic Glossary


Ley Lines: Alignment of four or more ancient sites over any distance, rediscovered by Alfred Watkins in 1921

Great Earth Circle: Alignment of sites over the surface of the Earth that equally divided it in two parts.

Archaeoastronomy: Alignment and orientation of sites to the Sun, Moon and Stars at certain times of the years.

Earth Energy Lines: Natural yin and yang energies emanating from Earth. The more in random directions and curves, but often connect ancient sites.

Telluric Current: Alternating electric and magnetic current that form the Earth’s magnetic field. They strengthen at sunrise and weaken at dusk. They often form in to spirals.

Earth Grids: Incorporating all of the Above.

Geomancy: Division of the Earth Geomancy, from the Ancient Greeks geomantela translates literally to “foresight by earth”. It is a translation of the Arabic term “ilm al-raml” or the science of the sand.

Geodesy: Greek Geodasia translates to “Division of the Earth” – the measure and representation of the Earth.

Archaeo-Geodesy: Ancient place determination, navigation on land and water, point positioning, measure and representation of the earth.

Geometry: Earth Measurement. Concerned with the questions of shape and size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space.

Sacred Geometry: Numbers in space, Sacred Laws of earth measure and nature.

Cymatics: Taken from the ancient Greek “kyma” which means wave, in which energy waves and sound waves create systems of energy within ordered geometric patterns, which further transmit their relative frequencies into the environment.



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