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Faywood Hot Springs Eclipse Gathering

October 11, 2023 - October 15, 2023

Join us for 4 nights at Faywood Hot Springs for soaking, learning, sharing and a journey to the eclipse path of the 2023 Great American Annular Total Solar Eclipse!

When: October 11-15, 2023 

at Faywood Hot Springs Resort,

Southern New Mexico

COST: $375/person

(Does not include transportation to the venue, meals or lodging)

*Please note, all cabin spaces are now full. If you would like to be added to the waiting list for cabins, please click HERE. RV and camping sites still available!

A personal invitation from TOTAMS Founder, Daniel Giamario:

On October 14, 2023, there will be an Annular Total Solar Eclipse crossing North America, quite similar to one in 2012. Both pass through New Mexico, over Roswell and the Trinity nuclear site. At TOTAMS we love to ceremonialize eclipses, and Faywood Hot Springs is close to the eclipse path.

Why Faywood Hot Springs? In the late 1990s I had lived for some years in the Mimbres River Valley, just a few miles from the Hot Springs. The synodic cycle material which has become such an essential teaching of our school was sourced there. A friendship with the resort’s owner, Elon Yurwit, resulted in the construction of a large stone circle on a nearby hilltop. The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School held many events there in the 2000s.

I feel it’s the finest Hot Springs I have ever experienced, and maybe the only one with its own stone circle! And, as mentioned above, the location is near enough to the eclipse path to have the full eclipse experience. I intend to be there!

Accommodations will be separate, however event participants will receive a 10% discount on available cabin, camping, or RV options. Cabin bookings have to be made through TOTAMS, while camping and RV bookings can be made directly through the resort’s website. Click here to view available options and let us know what you desire to reserve. 

We have booked space for 14 persons in the cabins. Lots of camping and RV spaces are available too. You can choose to self-drive to the event. Additionally, we will secure vans to transport you from the El Paso/TX nearby airport at no extra cost to you.



(based on statistical averages)

Temperature: Day temperatures from 65-80 degrees; night from 45-55 degrees

Rain: only an average of 3 days of possible rain for the month of October. Only a 12% chance

Clouds: October is typically a very clear month, and there is a 75% probability of clear skies

Humidity: October is typically a very dry month, maybe 8-10%

Wind: Compared to some other months, it’s typically pretty calm, at most 5-10 mph.

For campers make sure you bring gear to be warm enough at night.


We will be meeting just before the New Moon and Annular Solar Eclipse, therefore, the sky will be amazing and our stone circle on the hilltop provides a 360 degree horizon under dark skies.

MOON: As we begin, a very old Moon is in Virgo, enters Libra at 6:22 PM on Thursday, October 12, and only enters Scorpio at 5:04AM on Sunday, October 15, just before completing the event.

MERCURY:  Mercury will not be seen, being in the psychopomp phase, on the other side of the sun in the Virgo overstory.  Mercury travels from 12Libra22 through 18Libra46.

VENUS: Venus will be a blazing morning star, 46 degrees ahead of the Sun! She will be past the entrance of the 2nd gate/6th chakra portal in the recent start of her Leo overstory. Venus travels from 2Virgo34 to 5Virgo53. This is between Regulus and Zosma in the Lion constellation. Saturn is in opposition to Venus at this time. Venus is very likely to be visible at the time of the eclipse.

MARS: Mars will also not be visible, as he is in his phase 3 underworld journey within the Gemini overstory. He travels from 29Libra53 through 2Scorpio22. Mars is squaring Pluto at this time, as well as being close to the Sun. He is unlikely to be seen at the time of the eclipse.

JUPITER: Jupiter will very much dominate the late evening and early morning sky.  He travels from 13Taurus20 Rx to 12Taurus55 Rx.  He is in a wide quincunx with the Sun, and found among the stars of the Ram constellation, near to Hamal and Sheratan.

SATURN: Saturn will be a strong presence in the morning sky, traveling from 0Pisces58 Rx to 0Pisces50 Rx.  Saturn is in general opposition to Venus, and can be found amongst the stars of the Water Bearer constellation.

URANUS: Moves from 22Taurus19 Rx to 22Taurus11 Rx.

NEPTUNE: Moves from 25Pisces40 Rx to 25Pisces34 Rx.

PLUTO:  Stationary at 27Capricorn53. MAJOR HIGHLIGHT: Pluto will go direct on the day before we begin at 6:10PM on October 10. This will mark the possible end of the U.S. Pluto return. However there is still a Mars in Scorpio happening.

NORTH NODE: 24Aries53. This is near Chiron, another foreshadowing of the April 8, 2024 Solar eclipse that conjoins the U.S. Chiron.

SOUTH NODE: 24Libra53. Within 4 degrees of the Sun, thus making it possible to have a total annular eclipse. This is a SOUTH NODE ECLIPSE.  The South Node is also quite near Mars.

CHIRON: Travels from 17Aries37 Rx to 17Aries28 Rx. Near the North Node.

VESTA: Travels from 5Cancer52 to 6Cancer21

CERES:  Travels from 11Scorpio04 to 12Scorpio37


With a dark Moon, the night sky will be the best possible.  October is the ideal time to tune into the Scorpion, the Archer and Galactic Center, whether up at the stone circle or in the hot springs.



Whether driving in, or with our shuttle van from the El Paso airport, the intent is for you to arrive before Sunset, and we will have an opening circle at the stone circle.


At least two talks will be offered by Daniel and others. The topics will be on the Sun, Moon, and Lunar Nodes, and a lot about eclipses. Otherwise free time to soak in the best hot springs in America and explore the area. We will gather at the stone circle at sunset. Food runs to stores can be arranged as necessary.


Very much the same as Thursday.


An early rise as we will need to head out to the eclipse path by 6:00AM. Possible lunch in Roswell, NM. We will get back to Faywood by late afternoon. Nothing else planned other than sharing our experience.


Closing circle at the stone circle.


from Daniel Giamario

Having recently seen the movie Oppenheimer which I found to be really excellent, I have been researching even more deeply into the paths of the 2012 and 2023 Annular Solar eclipses. Both have Jupiter in Taurus, both entered the continental United States off the West Coast (Oregon and Northern California), and both crossed over the same area of New Mexico. Furthermore, the tracks of both crossed Los Alamos Laboratory, Roswell/NM, Corona/NM, Socorro/NM, and the Trinity Site.

Corona (!) is the 1947 alleged UFO crash site. Additional crashes occurred near Socorro. Los Alamos is where the Manhattan Project developed the atomic bomb, and the Trinity site is where the first nuclear detonation occurred. UFO disclosure projects are heavily in the mainstream news now. There are so many back stories here, many with esoteric implications. I have always felt that the eclipse paths are messages not to be ignored. Of course, our October 11-15 in-person gathering will include driving in the direction of Corona to experience the eclipse. This is one of the larger contexts to our coming together.

Though all of the cabins at Faywood Hot Springs are already booked, there continues to be plenty of RV and camping space available at this splendid resort. October is fast approaching, so consider now joining us to be part of our ceremonial observance and profound work with this auspicious portal. The healing waters of Faywood Hot Springs and a great stone circle are there to help with our work and invite us to play together in the embrace of powerful natural allies! 

Cancellation Policy:

This policy refers to cancellation for any reason (Includes Covid19 related cancellations)

Please note, all cancellations incur an administration fee of $100

Cancellation on or before September 11, 2023: Full refund will be issued*

Cancellation between September 12 and October 10: 50% refund*

Cancellation on or after October 11: No refund *(Tuition Transfer option still applies, see below)

*Tuition Transfer: Instead of a refund, you may instead choose to transfer the full amount paid to another participant or have the option to receive credit to be used towards a future event or online course hosted by the school. 

In the unlikely event the school postpones or cancels this event for any reason, participants will be issued a full refund (minus administrative fee) or have the option to receive the full amount paid as credit to be used towards a future event or online course hosted by the school.


October 11, 2023
October 15, 2023
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