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Journey of Inanna Revisioned with Mars “Free Preview”

June 7 @ 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm PDT

The Journey of Inanna Revisioned with Mars


A series of seminars ceremonially celebrating the Venus Leo Synodic Overstory

hosted by Shiva Faranpour with Daniel Giamario and other members of the TOTAMS team

Includes for the first time the interaction of the Venus cycle with the Mars Overstory!

You have asked and we have heard you!

We will be gathering on June 7th, during Venus’ most powerful Underworld time, to be in community and to receive support and guidance in such potent times.

This event will be FREE & OPEN to all. To participate, you do not currently need to be enrolled in the Journey of Inanna Revisioned with Mars group. In addition, we decided to re-open the group for NEW ADMISSIONS for the ensuing ASCENDING JOURNEY.

So if you have been looking to share this experience and community with your friends and allies, stay tuned on our media outreach and Newsletter for information on registration options you can share with them.



June 7, 2024 at 5pm PDT

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Whether you are in a Venus or Mars return or not, or a biological Male or Female, there is tremendous magic unfolding in our lives when we honor and co-create with the higher mysteries!
Venus and her elegant dance around the sun has been celebrated in different cultures since ancient times.  The story of Inanna, an ancient Sumerian myth, is describing Venus’ relationship to the sun as experienced from the surface of our earth! For the first time, we are including Mars in the story to get an even deeper understanding. Wisdom can come from surrendering and cooperating with the planetary processes which are guiding us to our higher purpose.



In celebration of the third wave of our school we are thrilled to reintroduce Daniel Giamario’s teachings on the Venus and Mars cycles – including the variety of ways Venus interacts with Mars – and the myth of Inanna and her journey into the underworld and beyond in a deeply mystical and fully practical way. Based on Daniel’s original research from 1996 originally published in the Mountain Astrologer in 1997-98, and many subsequent discoveries, this offering is designed to include both women and men – as Venus is equally the archetypal feminine for both women and men, and Mars is equally the archetypal masculine for both men and women.

Our intention is to create a group that will work with the entire 584-day Venus/Leo Overstory. We will have regular meetings at the morning and evening star Moon/Venus conjunctions, as well as during the Inanna Underworld and the Metamorphic Underworld timeframes.

We will be gathering as a group via Zoom just before each visible Venus/Moon conjunction during her 19-months cycle, to learn, share and hold space for those who choose to learn and apply this unique knowledge to connect more deeply with Great Mystery, with the aid of the cycles of Venus and Mars.
Meetings will include teachings on the astrology, astronomy, and mythic stories of each phase we encounter, group sharing, and unique ceremonials for each gate/portal of Venus’s journey.


June 7
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm PDT