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Lunar Standstill Seminars – Recording Now Available! With FREE Preview!

February 13, 2023




with Daniel Giamario and Gemini Brett

Daniel was powerfully impacted by experiencing the 1987 Lunar Standstill in Callanish with Margaret Curtis, the high priestess of the site,  It was a powerful initiation establishing a foundation for the Turning of the Ages Mystery School.  Since then the Lunar Standstill seasons and all aspects of the out-of-bounds Moon has been featured in the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm ™.

Gemini Brett is a shamanic starry-teller who has developed a wizardly understanding of the celestial mechanics of these events, and being a brilliant teacher, is the perfect co-facilitator to share a deep understanding of the upcoming Lunar Standstill season in 2024-2025, as well as all things out-of-bounds.

Daniel and Brett are both deeply committed to ceremonial applications, and experiential night sky awareness.  The Lunar Standstill has been ceremonially observed for over 6000 years, and only since 1969 has come back into the modern world through Alexander Thom. Prepare to have you minds, heart, and astrology greatly expanded.

One free preview and 3 paid seminars (only $144!)

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FREE PREVIEW OF THE SEMINARS * Recorded Wednesday, February 15th 

Daniel and Gemini discuss the historical and mythic significance of the Lunar Standstill, going back 6000 years and invite you to align yourself with the powerful magic of the Lunar Standstill: Out-of-Bounds Moons, progressed out-of-bounds Moons, the Lunar Zenith, the Northern and Southern (covering Galactic Center) lunar latitude extremes, the important sites in America and around the world, particularly Callanish in the Outer Hebrides.

The Main Event


SEMINAR ONE * Recorded Monday, February 27th, 2023

The Extreme Lunar Altitude of the Out of Bounds Moon *  CALLANISH AND SCOTLAND (the 58-59 North Terrestrial Latitude where the Moon “walks on the land”)

We will explore the sites in Northern Scotland as well as the Kilmartin Valley.  Brett will share with us a deep understanding of the astronomy of extreme Lunar Altitude and speculate on why it was so revered by the ancients and how we can align again today.

SEMINAR TWO * Recorded Monday, March 13th, 2023 

The Extreme Lunar Azimuth of the Out of Bounds Moon * CHIMNEY ROCK AND OTHER SITES IN THE AMERICAS

This will feature Chimney Rock in Southern Colorado, several mound structures of North America like Newark Earthworks, and various sites in Central and South America.  Brett will share with us a deep understanding of the astronomy of extreme Lunar Azimuth and speculate on why it was so revered by the ancients and how we can align again today.

SEMINAR THREE * Recorded Monday, March 27th, 2023 

1) the Out-Of-Bounds Moon and planets in a natal chart
2) the progressed out-of-bounds Moon and planets
3) introduction to Lunar transits by both celestial longitude AND latitude
4) the Lunar Zenith
5) The Southern Extreme moon transiting Galactic Center
6) Cosmic Ceremony and Mythological Musings


Additional Resources
The books and publications of Alexander Thom, Robin Heath, and Margaret Curtis

$144 for all four parts!

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February 13, 2023
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