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Preparing For 2025 – TOTAMS Council

December 27, 2023 @ 3:00 pm - December 30, 2023 @ 6:00 pm PST

Three days, 9 speakers, and a follow-up panel!

Recorded December 27-30, 2023

COST: $144

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Session Details:


Day 1: The Last Lunar Standstill Season in the Great Turning

with Daniel Giamario

1962-2034 marks the time frame of a great Turning of The Ages. The Lunar Standstill season happens about every 19 years. The Lunar North Node reaching 00 degree Aries on January 11, 2025, marks the exact center of the last of four Lunar Standstill Seasons in the Great Turning. Within the wider context of the six converging astrological and astronomical timelines, Daniel will explore the intent of Lunar Standstills. Topics addressed will include Out-Of-Bounds Moons, the Moon Walking on The Land, the Great Shining Ones, and the reunification of the Moon, Sun and Earth. This has major ramifications for the Inner Sacred Marriage Process. The themes of these four seasons (1969, 1987, 2006, 2024-2025) within the currently unfolding Turning of the Ages will be discussed.

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Day 1: The Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks

Uncovering the Past for a more viable Future

with Vivian Hurley

The entire surface of the Earth is marked with traces of gigantic works of prehistoric engineering. In North America, the Ohio Valley was the epicenter of the Hopewell Mound Builder Culture at least 2000 years ago. Several of these multipurpose earthworks were built on an enormous scale using a standard unit of measure, forming precise squares, circles, and octagons, mounds and effigies that precisely tracked the Outer Lunar Standstill and other astronomical alignments.

The sheer scale of these structures, along with their meticulous alignment with the movements of the Moon, Sun and stars, tells the story of a culture with sophisticated knowledge of mathematics, geometry, astronomy and more.

Join us as we explore these incredible astronomical alignments and how these ancient mound builders and their advanced body of knowledge, both spiritual and technological, could guide us to a more viable future.


Day 1: Venus and Mars in 2025:

Assisting Surrender to The Divine

with Marianna Voulgaris

The energies of the planets are felt here on Earth as part of our experiences. How do we give over to it? We must undergo Shamanic death and rebirth, to consciously die and come back in this reality as One. The dance of Venus and Mars takes on a different story each saga and each time as the collective nature takes on a different perspective as collective humanity. We inform the mysteries as much as they inform us. If we are all One, each planet is part of the One helping to connect us back in with our individual Soul providing us initiations to open and understand the three worlds approach.

Here in the converging of the six timelines, 2025 is an unfolding to what it means to come into the intent of surrendering to the One reality. Venus and Mars will undergo the Underworld Saga in 2025 to assist in the final surrender of the old, the composting and digesting to create a new reality. The Underworld Saga for Venus and Mars of 2025 will be each of their own divine mission and purpose in bringing us back to the One reality, the divine. They will meet off the world stage in this Underworld Saga, to openly express to each other what more needs assisting for humanity, to help gain more strength as we will need it, to help digest the sacred compost to help bring us new life. Will we be able to hold this space for each of us? Can we feel safe to have the experiences necessary to fully open to Venus in the overstory of Pisces and accept the nourishment and safety from Mars in Cancer? How will this shape The Great Turning?


Day 2: 

2025: Chiron’s Most Difficult Year

with Dale O’Brien

Chiron was astronomically “discovered” November 1,1977, with Chiron discovery chart returns due in 2027 and 2028. The last “dark” phase of the pre-returns cycle began the same day that the W.H.O. declared COVID as a thing.

The likely most difficult time yet for Chiron is coming in 2025 and very early 2026, when transiting Pluto (on the “Hindu Healer” degree) will exactly square discovery chart Chiron.

In the mythology of Chiron, Chiron spent nine days in the Underworld realm of Pluto after release from his mortal body and before being raised to the heavens as the constellation Centaurus. Note the Chiron – Christ parallels: teacher/healer, each giving up the mortal body, days in the Underworld — three days for J.C., etc.!

Join me for this session as challenges and possible ways through 2025 for the Chiron in each of us will be addressed.

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Day 2: Jupiter’s Loop through the Sacred Hoop, and the Star Mysteries of D.C.

with Gemini Brett

Will America survive 2025? News flash: She’s already passed away, so perhaps a better question to ask is “Can America be revived?” And what role might the 3rd Jupiter Synodic Return play in all this?

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Day 3: Becoming World Dreamers In 2025

with Tami Brunk

According to a little known Toltec Calendar described by Toltec scholar and dream teacher Sergio Magaña, in May of 2021 we transitioned fully into a new 6600 year age of the “Sixth Sun.” This movement into a more yin, Earth oriented era requires that we cultivate the skills of master dreamers, as reality becomes more malleable to our focus of intent. 2025 takes us more fully into this territory with North Node in Pisces, the first Pisces Venus in over 150 years, and Saturn conjunct Neptune.

Tami will explore the Toltec prophecy, Venus and the Nodes, and the emergent nature of Neptune as well as insights from her 13 years of Earth Sky Dreaming Practice, marrying Shamanic Astrology with the practice of Active Dreaming. Her intention is to leave you with grounded practices and an empowered perspective to imagine what is possible for us when we honor the 3-D realm we humans are caretakers for, while getting serious about personally and collectively focusing our intent on dreaming forward a new human society in sacred balance with our beloved Earth.

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Day 3: The Saturn – Neptune Conjunction

with Gael Chilson

Saturn and Neptune meet on the first degree of Aries on February 21, 2026. In 2025 they ingress into Aries at separate times, retrograde back into Pisces, and then finally enter Aries again. 

These two giants, one representing the Mundane world and the other the Celestial, haven’t both been on this degree at the same time since 1742 BC, and even then not making an exact conjunction! They did conjunct on March 11, 594 BC at 2Aries05. They have both been in Aries, at the same time, a total of 44 times over the last 5000 years, but never exactly conjunct other than the dates given here.

This rare phenomenon is certainly adding to the amazing period we are in at this Turning of The Ages. Join me as I explore this in depth during our event!

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Day 3: The Invitation of Uranus in Gemini

with Greg Knell

In 2025, Uranus enters the sign of Gemini for the first time since the Second World War. Astrology is the study of cycles, and the clues provided by the interplay of these cycles is ‘signature’. Through the lens of signature, we will explore the historical and contemporary threads of Uranus and their interplay with the synodic cycles of Jupiter-Saturn, Saturn-Neptune, and Saturn-Pluto in an attempt to understand what invitation Uranus in Gemini presents. 

While Uranus is a Celestial planet, its relationship to Underworld process is unmistakable. Signature does not afford us to view Uranus in isolation, but rather encourages us to face the shadow that has been suppressed and the wounding that seeks to be healed. It is with these matters in mind that integration and preparation for 2025 and beyond will be contemplated.


Day 4: TOTAMS Panel Discussion

Day 4: Shamanic Journey Into Dreamtime

with John Dumas

Shamanic Journey Into Dreamtime is an experiential sound healing ceremony John has pioneered over the last 27 years where through the universal language of music he opens a doorway into an altered state of consciousness producing awakened dreaming. This is achieved as John intuitively chooses from a variety of ancient instruments which include his personally handcrafted flutes and didgeridoos, handpans, Tibetan singing bowls, bells, drums, light language, chants and Whale sounds, as well as many other healing tools.

With these shamanic instruments guiding us, John has the ability to help shift our unbalanced and stressed out frequency vibrations back into into the more balanced, harmonious and peaceful natural rhythms of Mother Earth as we travel her oceans, deserts, jungles, and skies, awakening our primordial essence.

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December 27, 2023 @ 3:00 pm PST
December 30, 2023 @ 6:00 pm PST
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