First Annual SAMS Gathering

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WAS October 31 – November 5, 2013 in Tubac, Arizona

SAMS had its first all-school yearly gathering.

In the Spring of 2013, Linda Ellinor (see her article), a Shamanic Astrologer in training, suggested that we create a yearly live event, creating an opportunity for us to gather, share insights and co-create a vision for the coming year.

Linda hosted this hugely successful event from her beautiful home, high up on a hill, overlooking Tubac, Arizona, about 20 miles south of Sahuarita, very near where the school has had classes in the past. Linda has fabulous place with incredible night sky.

Included was the following:
1. A general introduction and overview of Shamanic Astrology and our School.
2. Lively and Cutting Edge Presentations from Shamanic Astrologers as well as other invitees
3. Networking and a brainstorming session with the SAMS Executive Council and other practicing Shamanic Astrologers on the future of our school
4. A two-day in-depth chart analysis and night sky workshop


Plus we had 2 very special highlights:

From the new Card Deck

From the new Card Deck

1. The unveiling of the completed Shamanic Astrology Card Deck. We are excited that after being in the works for the last 8 years, a wonderful artist, Roy Purcell, has completed the deck. Roy is Tubac resident and will be on hand to present the deck and what inspired him to do the art work. You are going to love this!

Attendees will receive a special offer to purchase the first edition.

2. This event happened during a solar eclipse/super New Noon on Sunday morning November 3,  near the exact Samhain cross-quarter.

Venus was at Galactic Center and was with the crescent Moon on Tuesday evening (a beautiful site to witness) activating the 7th Chakra evening star portal.

Plus there was the fourth exact Uranus Pluto square with three of the seven left, two in 2014 and the last one in 2015.

This event served as a way for practicing Shamanic Astrologers to update their practice, keeping it current with the evolving developments and discoveries in the Shamanic Astrology paradigm.

This was a wonderful way to stay connected to this truly organic body of knowledge as Shamanic Astrology that constantly seeks to blend the very best from the past, with the new ways that the planetary archetypes are dancing and transforming in these times.

Daniel and Cayelin shared new discoveries and insights regarding the nodal axis, and the resulting remarkable series of Lunar eclipses unfolding in 2014-2015 during the Minor Lunar Standstill season.

Event Logistics:
Lodging: The following establishments are available to conference participants. You are encouraged to make your own reservations as soon as you register for the conference. Please call Linda Ellinor, if you have any questions or have difficulty in securing lodging at 707-217-6675 or

1. The Floating Stone Casitas: one-bedroom owned by Linda Ellinor which have full kitchens, private patios and a shared jacuzzi. These will be offered to early registrants with special event rates for the full conference.

2. The Tubac Country Inn: A 5-room B & B with kitchenettes and multiple beds/unit.

3. The Secret Garden: A 2-room B & B in Tubac.

4. The Tubac Golf Resort: a 99-room full-service resort with restaurants, pool, spa & golf.

5. Vacation Rental Properties in and around the Tubac area which offer multiple rooms to share with full kitchens, etc.
Camping/RV sites in and around Tubac

Registration Costs:
October 31st: Dinner and evening introductory talk on Shamanic Astrology: $30
November 1st: Full day Orientation to Shamanic Astrology and its School (includes lunch) $100
November 2nd and 3rd: Conference (includes two dinners, two lunches & snacks): $225
November 4th & 5th: In-depth Chart Analysis Class & Night Sky Workshop $297
Conference Package: $649

Purchase the Recordings from this Powerful and Informative Event HERE

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