Full Moon in Aquarius, August 11, 2022

By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus

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The stars connected to this Sun-Moon opposition

This month’s Full Moon takes place in the Goat-Fish constellation on August 11th, 19°21’ Aquarius, less than three degrees from Saturn at 22°05’ Aquarius.  The Sun at 19°21’ Leo is close to the star Alterf, symbolizing the snout or eye of the Lion constellation.  Alterf is at 18°11’ Leo, sits above the ecliptic and marks the beginning of the Lion constellation.  This Full Moon is powerfully dynamic, but with Saturn close by, also may be bracing and heavy in its feeling.

The Moon is reflecting the Sun’s light with its conjunction with the star Alterf.  The meaning of Alterf (or Al Terf) is “the Glance” and so some associated the star with the “eye of the Lion” but others connected it with the “open mouth” or “snout” of the Lion.  Either way, it is connected to this constellation’s extremities facing toward the Crab constellation, leaping or resting on the ecliptic (path of the Sun in the sky).

Opposite the Sun, on August 11th, the Moon shines brightly only a day past its closest pass (perigee) in the month to the Earth.  The Moon sits in the sign of Aquarius, but in the Goat-Fish constellation and just below the Goat-Fish’s tail, consisting of 2 stars: Nashira and Deneb Algedi.  These stars are opposite where the Sun is and the snout/glance of the Lion constellation.  In a way, this could be seen as the Lion chasing away the Goat-Fish.  Twice a year, about 6 months apart, the end of the Goat-Fish is on one side of the sky and the start of the Lion is on the other. 

The two stars of the Goat-Fish’s tail are considered “fortunate” stars.  But their symbolism goes well beyond any fortunes.  It is about the transition from the earthy elemental form to one of water and the immersion into the cosmic waters.  This is metamorphic state of being, helping us understand our own transitions and humanity’s transition in this current age.

There is also the stars of the Water-Bearer above that of the Goat-Fish and in particular the star Sadalsuud, part of the outstretched arm of the human figure representing the “giver of the cosmic waters”.  This star was once known as the “star of mighty destiny” and “luckiest of the lucky” by the ancient Mesopotamians and Persians respectively.  But like I shared above, this is more about our transition beyond where we are into the next age that about luck or fortune.

This Aquarius Full Moon features all of the above and includes Saturn above it.  A year ago, we experienced two Aquarius Full Moons and the second one was near Jupiter, taking place on August 22, 2022 at 29°37’ Aquarius.  The stars of the Goat-Fish’s tail and the Water-Bearer played an important role then and they do so again, but this time with Saturn instead of Jupiter.  The Sun was with the “Heart of the Lion”, the star Regulus during that Full Moon instead of Alterf.

This means after last year’s expansive Aquarian themes, Saturn helps to bring in forms and limits in the Aquarius archetypal expression for humanity.  Instead of just ideas floating out there, this is more of a concrete way for those ideas to find roots.  Saturn also assist’s us in focusing our ideas and efforts to seed what is needed in the world for humanity to blossom.  But this is just one moment in a multi-decade transition for all of us.

On a personal level, this can open up more creative space due to the Full Moon being in the Leo-Aquarius polarity.  Ideas and envisioning of what we want to manifest could be beneficial thing to do during the Full Moon.  The caveat would be for the ideas and envisioning to have a greater, more solid purpose, that benefits humanity in the long term over multiple generations.  Alterf (where the Sun is) contributes through its forward glimpse and the stars of the Goat-Fish’s tail (where the Moon and Saturn are) show the fluidity of our transition and how it takes time to develop anything into something new.

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